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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Papa, this one is for you!

NOTE: ugggh, I've hung on to this stupid post for days meaning to bring my scrapbook up and scan a pic of my grandfather, but you can see where that has gotten me. Now my update needs an update. I figured I'd post this and try to get a picture for it later

I spoke with my grandfather over the weekend and he kind of chewed my rear end about not posting much lately. Believe me, you don't want him annoyed with ya, so I figured I better post something pronto ;) That is him in the picture btw. He was a cutie wasn't he? Consider him your eye candy for today ;)

As I mentioned in my last post, I’ve been busy with work. I work my fulltime job, a part time job and in whatever other time I have, I’ve been trying to get ready for a small craft fair this December as well as trying to get my website up and running. Honestly, I’m finding that it is difficult to really carve out enough time to get much done, but I’ve discovered that I can actually do my second job from my scrapdesk (when it isn’t too busy) and work on stuff in between “service requests” with my part time job. I still can’t quite manage to get as much done as I would like though.

I also haven’t posted as much because in addition to being fairly busy with work, I have had some health issues (what’s new there?) that have had me to and from the doctor 3-4 times in the last two weeks. For once, I won’t disgust you with all the gory details, but I have a wound that is taking it’s sweet time to heal. I initially tried using Neosporin on it and based on what my doctor said….Neosporin is worthless and unless you own stock in the company, should never be used. The wound was not in good shape to begin with and about two days into caring for it, I decided that maybe I should use Neosporin to speed the healing. Two days later, this wound was MUCH worse than it had been originally so I went to the doctor at GREAT urging from Erik. They had to actually had to do a minor little surgical procedure while I was there because they were concerned I had a pocket of infection below the actual wound so I’ve been going back every couple of days to have them look at it, been on anti-biotics, etc. It’s been fun, let me tell ya!

I also have an allergy to the adhesive used in medical tape or bandages so I started developing secondary “burns” in the area around the actual wound itself. At times, I felt like those hurt worse than the wound we were trying to treat. They honestly do feel like a burn. The good news is that the wound seems to finally be on the mend, but I can’t believe it is taking so long to get better.

Of course, a bit part of the reason it is taking so long is my weight. It is on the underside of my stomach and was most likely caused by a brief effort to get back on my treadmill. I hadn’t mentioned it on the blog or even to erik because I feel like I’ve said I was going to get going with it how many times over the past several months and nothing has happened. I figured if I actually had something to report, I’d let you know then! I only managed a few days and then developed this cyst. They are hereditary (people in my family get them whether they are skinny or fat) but they can be brought on by friction, etc. So, apparently the friction of my lovely stomach rubbing against my clothes caused the mother of all cysts. Luckily I don’t get them as often as my mom used to, but when I do they are awful. This one was particularly bad; probably one of the worst I’ve ever had. The doctor said that the location may get hypoxic too because it is on a part of my stomach that probably doesn’t get oxygenated due to my weight.

Anyway, it looks like its on the mend, but I have to wait until it is completely healed before I can try walking again. Until then, I’ve been doing periodic squats and just getting more overall daily activity just going to the doctor’s appointments, going to shop a bit at the scrap store, etc. I know its sad that I count stuff like that as an increase in activity, but it really is. I went to the scrap store a week ago and spent about 10-15 minutes on my feet before I had to sit down. Really, I needed to sit down within about 5 minutes, but I was too ashamed to walk back to the crop room that soon so I forced myself to walk a few aisles and then went and rested. Later that night I could feel it in my legs, etc. It felt like I’d actually gone and done a workout, but I suppose I’m in such poor shape that it probably was a workout for my poor body.

I don’t know where my rock bottom is, but I have a feeling I’m getting close. Last year about this time I was having a problem with my knee and this issue with this cyst/wound has kind of made me feel the same way. By rock bottom, I don’t mean depression really. I’ve actually been in rather good spirits despite the health issues, but when something like this happens, I see how little it takes to knock me right on my ass again. When I was having issues with my knee, I realized how easily it would be for me to wind up bedridden. With this cyst, I’m realizing how difficult it can be to turn things around…to get walking and start moving this snowball in the other freaking direction. It is a scary place to be, but let’s face it…I probably need the crap scared out of me more often. It might keep me motivated.

I’ve had oodles of stress at work that I will probably go into in another blog so while I’m not going insane with the eating, the last few days especially have found me finding some comfort in food. Luckily they aren’t binges, it is just a cookie here and there mostly…walmart has these cookies in their bakery that I think are infused with crack because as soon as I start to get overwhelmed with stress I get the urge for a fix lol. Sometimes I’m able to satisfy the urge with a healthier choice, but yesterday was a banner day stress wise so I asked erik (he’d probably say it was more like begging) to go get a few when he went for some other items we needed. I had tried everything else to to take the edge off …a 55 calorie beer, a small mini Hershey bar from Tanner’s Halloween stash, but my body was craving those darn cookies…what is up with that? How do you guys handle cravings like that when you are stressed to the gills? When you can’t really take a walk or whatever to help cope with the stress? I even tried deep breathing, etc. Anyway, have to get back to work (actually took me two days to write this entry because it’s been a madhouse at work).

There you go Papa! This entry should keep you busy for a while. BTW, I want you to start your own blog! I think I’m just going to ride your butt until you get one going ;) I want to hear more stories like the one you shared with me over the phone the other day. For my readers….my grandfather was a mohawk sportin’ hellion in his younger years. I’m almost afraid to hear what other stories he has rattling around in his closet lol.


Johnny said...

I love web surfing grandparents. It's the wave of the future! I've been trying to get my grandma on the net since 2003, no dice. Oh well. We did get some technology in her room, one of those video picture frames. I pop in a new memory card full of fresh pictures every time I visit. She loves it, next best thing to flckr!

Oh, and would you mind telling me what kind of treadmill you use? I blog a lot about treadmills and my readers would probably like to know what you think of your treadmill.


John Bravo said...

Oh, this second one is just to subscribe to follow up comments...sorry about the duplicate posts.

KrysTros said...

Hey, I am so glad that you started posting again. I kind of had a little hiatus myself with all the craziness around here. I've been checking on and off to see if you posted. Hope everything is going well (otherwise!) at home.

Retta said...

I have issues with bandages too, that I didn't find out about until I had a c-section. UGH ... blistered under the bandages & wanted to die!!!
I am praying for you & your family. You've had some really tough times & so need a break!!! Keep your chin up.

Anonymous said...

If you have a wound that will not heal, try going to a durable medical store and getting some silver stocking material. Silver is used by wound healing clinics. They even sell socks that have silver threads woven into them to have diabetics.

cmoursler said...

You don't have to exercise at all to start losing weight. If you set your calories at say....2000, and just kept at it for 6 months, I bet you would see a weight reduction. I am praying your wound heals and you find the strength within you to start the journey.

Anonymous said...

Are you doing okay? I miss your posts and hope that all is well.