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Sunday, March 28, 2010

My plan for the week

In an effort to foster some kind of accountability this week, I'm going to post my plan for this week and commit to posting at least once a day; no matter how short or boring it might be. So, for the record, here are my goals:

1. Meals are going to consist of two smoothie/shakes per day, a lean cuisine and fruit for snacks. I am hoping that this will help me get a jump start on getting more weight off (I had lost about 12 lbs the last time I stepped on the scale, but haven't checked recently..I'll get on the scale tomorrow and let you guys know where we are at).

2. Walk on the treadmill at least once a day. I'm not putting a certain number of minutes. I'm going to listen to my body and walk for as long as it feels comfortable and try to increase that by at least 5 seconds each day.

3. Do the initial back strengthening exercises here here at least once a day. BTW, if any of you can figure out what I'm supposed to be doing for the "ankle pumps" let me know. I thought they wanted me to raise them off the bed, but then they aren't much different from the straight leg raises are they? Also, do they want me to do 10 sets of 10? on each leg? I'm confused, but maybe that's the pain medicine I'm on interfering.

I also wanted to put your minds at ease about these exercises. I haven't exactly checked them out with my doctor, but most of them are exercises my physical therapist had me doing when I was having problems with my knees so I'm fairly sure I can't do too much damage. I ran through them all last night before I went to bed and none of them seem too taxing. The leg raises were probably the most challenging of the bunch, but I feel ok today (no better, no worse) so I'll just try to pay attention to how I'm feeling.

I go for an MRI on the 30th, this Tuesday so hopefully they will be able to see what is going on in there. I'm hoping it is just muscular at this point. Honestly, I have had my back go out entirely before so I know what incredible pain that causes. I'm not in that sort of pain, but I live in fear of my back going completely out because I know how difficult it was for me to get around when I was much thinner and more fit. I can't imagine how I would manage rolling over in bed at this size much less getting OUT of bed and walking around....I know it just won't happen. I will be in serious trouble. Methinks God has just soundly whacked me upside the head peoples.


cmoursler said...

good plan, work it honey.
You will do great.
Rooting for you.

Diana said...

I'm worried about you, but so glad to hear you have a plan.

I've been thinking about you since I read your post yesterday. Is there any possible way you could get to a therapy pool? That would be the absolute best exercise for you given the physical condition you're in right now. I think you're doctor would need to prescribe it. Have you tried that yet? Just a thought.

Take care of yourself. I'm praying for you!

Kate said...

Hey, great job setting some specific goals for each day. The ankle pumps I know about are just pumping your feet as you sit or lay, your whole foot pumping your toes up towards your head, then back to point downwards. I don't know about ankle pumps helping your spine, but in nursing school we were taught that they improve circulation and decrease the risks of DVT while one is sedentary for any reason. Good luck!

My Big Fat Super Super Obese Blog said...

chris: you are such a great cheerleader! I swear, seeing your workouts on facebook make exercise sound FUN!!!

Diana: I do have a therapy pool and I will try to get back there. I was really surprised at how much balancing in the pool helped to strengthen your core when I was going all the time. When my back is feeling a little better, Im going to get back there asap. I just need to make sure I can handle exiting the pool when you really FEEL those hundreds of pounds weighing you hard.

Kate: I still haven't quite figured it out, but I'm doing something like what you describe :)

gettingandstayinghealthy said...

Dr. Oz says that a vision without a plan is a hallucination.

At WW I learned that failing to plan is planning to fail.

Glad you have a plan.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great plan! It's great to have you posting more often; you write very well and understand those of us who struggle with obesity.