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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Things are looking "Grim..."

This came in today's mail. After the last two days I had, I needed a smile and this made me LOL (really it did Nick, that isn't a pity lol). I've mentioned Nick before in my blog, but some of you may not remember him. I'll list a few of his most important contributions to my success just to give you an idea about what he does behind the scenes of my blog to keep me motivated and on task:

1. Verbally kicks my rear end when I need to exercise, get back on my diet, blog, (insert anything else I have the tendency to procrastinate on).
2. Probably my biggest cheerleader during the last three years of trying to lose this weight. He literally is there to remind me of my goals and refocus my attention when I lose my way.
3. Has listened to countless vents, rants, whines and offers excellent advice always (even though I drive him nuts and sometimes ignore his advice only to vent, rant and whine again at some future time about the same problem...don't you hate people that do that?)
4. He is one of the funniest people I know and can usually make me laugh even when he's simultaneously providing a shoulder to cry on.
5. He sends me cards like this one a few times a year and doesn't make me feel horrible when I don't get around to mailing mine to him. (lori, back me up on is one of my many flaws. Buying the card is one thing, actually hunting down stamps, signing the card, closing the envelope and then walking it aaaalllllll the way down the driveway to my mailbox is just way too many steps so I often wind up sending e-cards :(

These are just a few ways Nick has been an amazing friend and supporter of mine for the last three years. Thanks so much for all you do and for always making me smile Nick!! You are a sweetheart xxoo


K. said...

U r lucky 2 have such a great friend. Congrats on your weight loss so far. K.

Shanilie said...

That is so wonderful to have a friend who supports, encourages, motivates you and lights the fire under your butt. Lol love the note. I too am wondering what is going to happen once I take Jacob out trick-or-treating