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Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas Update

I apologize that I'm so late in updating how Christmas went. It went about as well as Christmas can go when you have to work. I was able to get a few minutes away from the phones to go watch Tanner open his gifts. He was thrilled with what little we were able to get for him. He was most thrilled with what his Papa got for him (a new ocarina with music books and a ipod shuffle). We got him several new Zelda books in this series he is reading...they are more like graphic novels,a book that teaches him to draw zelda and a new sketch pad with pencils. We also had a few stocking stuffers for him (kiss playing cards, zelda mints, and of course lots and lots of candy!

I got erik a new cook book by Ina Garten (we actually refer to her as 'Gina lol). He has some mad crush on her and had asked for one of her cookbooks. Can't wait for him to try out a few of her recipes. He actually made this chicken breast stuffed with goat cheese and sundried tomatoes the other day. I thought it was ok but Tanner said it was HORRIBLE lol. No worrying about dad's feelings hehe. He has made some other stuff from her that turned out really good though. I also picked him up David Sedaris' new book. I was amazed at how freaking tiny it was!!

I got my beautiful flowers a few days before Christmas and of course Tanner's gift :) It turned out to be this little decorative thing that says "FAMILY" on it. It actually is very pretty and goes with our current decor very well. A lot of our colors are kind of tuscany type colors (burnt oranges, deep burgandies, browns, etc) and his gift matches everything perfectly. We found a place of honor for it atop our entertainment center, but we still have to take a picture with it. I'll post that as soon as we get it taken.

Erik and Tanner spent most of the days with his family at my sister in laws. It sounded like they had fun. My youngest nephew is so cute and from the pics, I can't believe how much the other two have grown! Childhood passes so fast :(

Uggh, I just finished this post and lost about half of it due to a blogger error :S In a nutshell, I detailed how I had torn a tendon in my left calf on Christmas day. I finally went to the doctor later that night and learned that it was some kind of vestigial tendon or something that only a certain percentage of the population even has. It usually POPS when someone who hasn't been active in a while overdoes it. Unfortunately, I didn't have a cool story about how my injury occurred. Basically I was standing at my kitchen counter fixing breakfast...lame! I have been trying to challenge myself over the last month...making myself stand for longer periods, not use the chair in the kitchen at the first sign of fatigue...that sort of thing. That morning, I could feel my calf muscle tightening up, but kept thinking i would stand for just a few seconds soon as I finished a certain task...then I took a step and POW...I felt and heard something POP in my calf. It was incredibly painful and made walking difficult of course.

The doctor gave me some muscle relaxers and pain pills and we discussed bariatric surgery. I can't remember how much I've actually gone into it on here, but this is something I've looked into in the past. I got as far as trying to lose the weight for the surgery and then it all fell apart...I can't really remember what caused it. In truth, I was afraid of having the surgery and probably latched on to the first excuse NOT to have it done. Well, after talking with this doctor, i think I've decided to check into it again. It is certainly something I'll be exploring here in the next few months. I just realize that I'm at a point where it may just be impossible to really get the ball rolling in the other direction on my own anymore. I seem to encounter injuries and other obstacles trying to make the smallest changes and its frustrating.

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Anonymous said...

I waffled (no pun intended) over bariatric surgery for over a decade before I did it. Now I wish I'd have been ready sooner. Could have saved me some loose skin and years of being unhealthy and morbidly obese.

Talk to other people who've had, or are considering surgery. There's a link on my site to They have an excellent forum there where there are not only those who went through surgery, but people who are deciding if and what surgery to have. I highly recommend it!

KrysTros said...

Hey, I haven't checked up on you (or anyone for that matter) in awhile. If you are worried about having surgery, don't be. Or at least don't be SO worried. I had it done in August and I've lost some weight. I had the Lap Band done because it is the least invasive and the quickest recovery time. It wasn't painful, just uncomfortable for a few days. I have gone down from a size 20 to a size 14 and it's really helped. I feel better, take less or no meds for some of my medical issues now (I used to take 8 meds and 5 shots a day). You can read my blog the first few posts on it were excerpts from a journal a kept about how it felt during the pre and post op time period. I know what you mean about being scared. I have NEVER been in a hospital EVER! Even the docs thought it was crazy but it went so quick, I went to the hospital and my surgery was at 7am and I left around 1pm. The five cuts they made on my stomach are nearly gone now. I see the surgeon once a month for a "fill" where he injects a solution into my band to tighten it little by little. It seems scary and for a hosptial/needle phobic such as myself I must say it really isn't bad or scary at all. Guess it helps that my surgeon is hot? Who knows. Just do what is best for YOU!