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Thursday, June 10, 2010

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Where to begin? Believe it or not I’ve had at least one blog almost all written and just never posted it so now it is somewhat stale. I have lots to update on, most of it pretty awesome!!

The picture above is the actual picture of the pool I work out in. I am now up to a full hour workout and am shooting for three times a week while continuing the exercises I’m doing at home and I’m finally starting to see real results! I’ll give you an example workout in the pool:

First 15 minutes: I warm up doing a step routine. I typically start by standing on the stair and doing 50 deep squats. Because my body is partially out of the water, it works my legs without putting so much pressure on my knees. Then, facing the step, I do 50 step ups on each leg starting with my right and then moving to my left. Today I added some lateral steps and discovered that, for whatever reason, they are MUCH harder to do. I stand with the step to my right and side step up and then go back down and repeat. I could only manage 20 of those on each leg. By the time I got to 20, my thighs were a-burnin’ something awful!
Next 30 minutes: Cardio using my legs. Today I ran for 15 minutes and used some Styrofoam weights to push under water as I ran. Then I did 5 minutes holding on to the bars at the end of the pool and kicking my legs, then 5 minutes on my back, holding onto the bars and kicking my legs, then I did 5 minutes treading water with just my arms. The latter is SUPER hard, by the time I’m done, my arms feel like jelly.
Last 15 minutes: Abdominal workout. I grab onto the bar at the end and bend my legs so that my knees are pointed at the bottom of the pool and then use my abs to bring my legs up into a crunch. I do 50 of those. When those are done, I lean to one side grabbing a pole so that the left side of my body is facing the bottom of the pool and, keeping my feet together, pull my legs forward working my obliques. I do 50 on each side. I wasn’t sure that would really work my obliques, but I started them yesterday and I am feeling it today! It was funny last night because I had some discomfort in my abdomen and initially thought I was getting sick and then it dawned on me…I’m just SORE!

The last two days have been my days off so all three of us (Erik, Tanner, and myself) have been going together around noon. I go work out in the pool while the guys work out in the gym. Today, we were walking out to the car and Erik had actually made it out and into the car before either one of us so I walked out, shut the door and started walking to the car. I stopped for a second because it dawned on me that I was walking NORMALLY! Part of my problem walking has been that my muscles were so messed up from me sitting so much and getting so little activity that they had actually shortened a bit. When I would go to stand, I couldn’t straighten my legs! If I tried to stand up straight, it felt really uncomfortable, like my inner knees were going to pop or something. So, I often had to keep my knees slightly bent and my feet further apart than normal just to walk. You can imagine how difficult it was to walk in this position.

So, I stopped for a second because, for the first time in a LONG time, I felt like my old self. Putting one foot in front of the other, my legs straight, my knees bending normally without feeling like they were going to give out any second. Something so simple gave me the most incredible joy you can imagine! It’s WORKING! Regardless of what the scale is doing…this is working!

I got to the car, opened the door and sat down and went to bring my other leg into the car. Three weeks ago, when I started back to the pool, I couldn’t use my leg muscles to lift my leg up and into the car. Instead, I would have to reach under my thigh and kind of assist my leg muscles a bit in order to lift my leg in so that I could shut the door (yeah it was that bad). I noticed today that I don’t need to “assist” anymore. I was easily able to lift my leg up high enough to clear the floor of the car. I’m sure I’ve been doing this the last couple of days, but just hadn’t noticed. The first thing I did was turn to Erik and say “Oh my god Erik, I felt like I was walking almost normally there!” to which he replied “I was just thinking the same thing Michelle! I was watching you walk to the car and thought ‘Wow, she’s just walking like she used to walk!’” I think it was kind of a cool moment for the both of us.

Later, when I was working out in the pool, I realized I was grinning like a damn fool the whole time. I was so cotton picken’ PROUD of myself and happy to be actually FEELING results. I almost picture the weight I’m carrying as my body wrapped in these enormous, heavy chains and today I felt what it was like to hack a link off. I’m not free yet, but I’m free-er than I was yesterday! It is pretty awesome guys :)

Well, I do have lots more to share, but I guess I’ll include that in tomorrow’s post since this one has already gotten quite long! Hope everyone else is doing amazingly well and enjoying the beginning of the summer!


Dominique said...

You guys all have me in tears today! Jenny posted a sad video, and now I'm blubbering over your AWESOME post! Doesn't movement feel great! Your workout sounds amazing, and is clearly doing the job. Keep up the good work! One more thing, give Erik a hug for me and tell him your cyber-friend says he deserves it for noticing the positive changes in you. Good man!

cmoursler said...

Hi michelle! I have tears of joy in my eyes reading this! You have come soooooo far.
I am soooo happy for you! Glad to pop in here and see t his! Keep up your great work.

Anonymous said...

I just found your blog recently and many things you've said have really resonated with me. I am so proud of your exercise accomplishments! Feeling like our old healthier selves for a moment is a wonderful, encouraging thing! This is just an inkling of things to come! YOU GO, GIRL!

Shelley said...

Congratulations to you. I so wish we had an exercise facility around here with a pool. I'm so obese that I really can't walk a whole lot without pain in my legs and knees and hips. But you made me smile, thanks for that.

wildfluffysheep said...

This post made me grin like a fool. Good for you missus. There are way more benefits to losing weight than seeing the stupid number on the scale. All I hear is positives and i like that.

Mysticl said...

I just found your blog and I wanted to add my congratulations!

I am on an extended weight loss journey myself and have had very similar eureka moments in my journey.

The day I noticed that my center of balance was shifting back to where it was supposed to be was one of the happiest days of my life and without a doubt THE happiest day of my diet but there have been several along the way. Just last week I realized I was crossing my legs again after decades of not being able to do so .. shaving my legs in the bath has become a LOT easier as a result *TMI I know ... sorry ;)*

The fact that ALL my back pain has slowly evaporated over the past year has changed my life in ways I had not even imagined. I no longer look at trips to the grocery store with fear and humiliation. I can actually go to a mall and walk the ENTIRE way with no pain or discomfort ... I go on walks with my husband again .. I no longer have to make excuses about why I can't. I can even shut the door in a public restroom without trying to turn myself into a pretzel to do so. My house is getting a lot cleaner as well as all my household chores are getting easier to do and I have started cutting the lawn myself again ... instead of hiring someone else to do it..

So enjoy those eureka moments .. they keep coming and each one is as absolutely as wonderful as the last ...

I have lost 102 pounds so far in a little over a year using the free online health and wellness online calorie counting website and database at ... while there is a gold paid membership the basic membership is FREE and is all you really need to use their most popular services. Obviously what you are already doing is working I just thought I'd pass the URL along in case you or one of your readers is interested.

Laurie ( said...

Wahoo, what a great feeling!!!! I'm so excited for you. :)
Enjoy your weekend!

KrysTros said...

Michelle, that's great! It's a work in progress and will take time but you can do it!

midlife_swimmer said...

Just found you but SO glad you are in the pool !!!!!!!! I may be a little biased but I think water workouts rock!!!!

My Big Fat Super Super Obese Blog said...

dominique: I've seen that video before. I too could relate to so much of what she was saying and it is so sad. I also passed on your well wished to Erik lol.
chris: you are so sweet! amazing how much better I feel after just a few weeks!
anonymous: thanks so much for the support!!
Shelley: thanks for commenting. The pool really is a lifesaver for me. I don't know how much I'd be able to do exercise-wise without it. Do you have a YMCA or anything nearby?
WFS: hehe!! so good to "see" you again. I know I've been a negative nelly for quite a while. Trying to be more positive, but you know me...I'm sure there are plenty of entertaining vents in my future ;) Hopefully I'll be skinnier and stronger with each new one lol!
Mysticl: Thanks so much for commenting. The last time I lost enough weight to cross my legs, I remember how awesome that felt!! Congrats on your own weight loss journey and thanks for visiting my blog :)
Laurie: Thanks sweetie! same to you :)
Krys: mwah!
Midlife swimmer: Haha, I'm inclined to agree with you, thanks for visiting and commenting!

Cortney said...

YAY! You are doing so great! It really does feel good to exercise and makes everything in the day seem better. You'll be doing a triathlon with me before you know it!