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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Trying not to get frustrated

The scale got up to 432 and this morning is is down to 431.8, but :P on that! I know I shouldn't be weighing myself every day, but it really helps keep me focused. I'm telling myself that maybe the fact that I'm working out more is effecting the actual weight loss I see since I'm obviously building muscle, but it just isn't making me feel any better. Oh well, I'll persevere and eventually the scale will get moving again.

Yesterday I managed two 6 minute treks on the treadmill, but today my knee is in bad shape. I think I'm just going to have to swear off the treadmill for a little while longer which is frustrating as well since I have a nice big one right here at home. I went to the gym yesterday and worked out in the pool as well and did my modified crunches at home. Today I'm off so I'm going to try going to the gym a little early so that I can get some time in on a bike before heading to the pool. I'll let you know how it goes.

Don't worry, this isn't going to get me off track. I know it is all part of the process and if I continue, I am either going to weigh less or at the very least, be in much better shape by the end of the month than I am now. I'm already enjoying the fact that when I get up and down from a seated position I can do so much easier and apart from my knee, I'm already walking a bit better. Yesterday's walk to and from the gym from the parking lot was easier and my breathing recovered much faster so I KNOW what I'm doing is having some kind of positive impact!!


Laryssa said...

Have you tried wrapping your knee before starting on the treadmill? Use either a knee brace or ace bandage. That will give your knee extra support and should prevent all the pain afterwards. And if you can find a knee brace that fits, please tell me the name because I've looked everywhere and they only sell the ones for skinny people. ;)

Allan said...

I have read through this, and there is great hope in your writing. Please visit me at my blog, or send me an email. There are some options, and you have friends here.

Dominique said...

Hey, Sweetie, Don't get too wrapped up in what that scale says! You have it right when you say that you'll be in better shape as long as you just keep moving. Gosh, I'm so proud of you!

P. Hentermine said...
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