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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Life is Good

Yesterday was not a good day at all. I woke up with a sour stomach and suspect it may have been the few oz. of golden mushroom soup I had about an hour before bedtime. I hadn’t eaten a whole lot and was worried about how I’d feel in the morning if I didn’t get some more food on my stomach. Turns out, I probably would have been better off not putting anything on my stomach.

I woke up yesterday morning and could just tell that it was going to be a rough day. I had some jello, waited about half an hour and then started taking my pills. I took my meds (three pills) over about an hour and in the time I was waiting to start on my supplements (a daily multi vitamin and my calcium), I started dry heaving. Not only that, but I started with the diarrhea as well. Of course, I’m not cutting any breaks and often had both ends going at one time. By the time things calmed down, I was pale, pasty and breaking out in a cold sweat. I brushed my teeth, rinsed my mouth out with some mouthwash and went to research on the internets about what to do for a sour stomach. Finding a recipe for ginger tea, I sent Erik out to the grocery store (he’s been making about one trip a day for various things as I need them; never argues or anything, the second after I put in my order, he is walking out of the house, keys in hand).

I put some chicken broth on the stove while he’s gone and when he gets back I add a little ginger to the broth. I have to ask him to watch the broth while I go back to the bathroom for round two of the “Warring Orifices.” Once I recover, I plop down in my recliner and ask Erik to bring me a few oz of the broth. I get a few sips down, take some phenergan and decide my supplements can go fly for the day.

By now I’ve realized that there is something about me moving around too much that seems to make the nausea and vomiting worse so I decide to give in and just go back to bed for a while. I grab “Dead Until Dark,” the fluff book I bought to read in the hospital (which incidentally, while I LOVE True Blood, the book itself is really horribly written). I manage to read about a paragraph and even that seems to make me sick so I shut off my light and sleep until about 4pm.

When I wake up, I’m feeling slightly better and decide to make some ginger tea. While it is simmering on the stove, I ask erik to make another trip to the store for some antacid, just in case the ginger tea doesn’t work. I also mention I’d love the new People magazine with Bethenny Frankel on the cover…as sick as I feel, nothing can stifle my craving for Hollywood gossip.

20 minutes later, he is back home with everything I asked for as well as some diet Canada dry, some honey vanilla chamomile tea and a bag of sugar free chocolate calcium chews for me to try. Unfortunately the calcium chews are not calcium citrate so I can’t use them, but he was a sweetheart for trying to find an alternative to the current chewable tablets that give me the most trouble.

Erik makes me a cup of ginger tea and I add a bag of the honey chamomile to it (turns out ginger tea isn’t all that delicious by itself, but then, I think I made it too strong lol). He actually brings it to me in one of my grandmother’s coffee mugs which is strangely comforting and I manage to get about half down.

Over the next couple of hours, I’ll have a few popsicles and then some jello before I take my evening meds and go to bed.

This morning, I’m feeling better. I guess I will have to take it easy today and keep anything I consume very bland. On a positive note, I officially left the 400’s FOREVER today :) . When I weighed myself this morning (I can’t help it guys), I was at 399…life is good :)


Book Lady said...

Yay for Michelle! So awesome! You da man! :) I is happy for you bebeh!

btw...told you so! (re: sookie book being teh suck)

Annie said...

Thinking of you, and wishing you settled tummy! You're doing great as you head down the 300's.

All the best,pargessto

: )

Karen Butler Ogle said...

Hang in there. The first few weeks are the hardest. I had a different surgery so I don't have specific advice but just trust that it will get easier with time as your body adjusts to its new anatomy.

Wishing you the best. :)

*Tracy* said...

congrats on your weight loss! sorry your having a rough time right now but it will get better! im looking into weight loss surgery myself and have to go to a seminar the 20th then i get my appt with a surgion. i would like to get the sleeve done too. so i hope you keep posting all about your experiences with this. takecare, hugs

Boilergrad1993 said...

First of all congratulations for breaking 400 lbs! I'm sorry you have not been feeling so well lately, but I have to admit, although I've been struggling a bit (A LOT) lately (mainly because of the heat), reading your last two posts have absolutely motivated me to get my a$$ in gear and stay on plan and the treadmill. I am a horrible patient and there is absolutely NO WAY I would want to go through any of that!! Hope you are feeling better soon.

Ice Queen said...

Aw sweetie. I'm sorry that you had such a rough day. I assume that it gets easier as you heal and adjust? Golly, I sure hope so.

Congratulations on leaving the 400s behind forever! Been there, myself. It is a fabulous feeling, isn't it? :D

I am thinking that you will most likely skunk me and leave the 300s behind before I do. :D lol

Diana said...

I've been following you for a long time and even though what you're going through right now sounds dreadful, I know it's going to be worth it int he end.

Hang in there, keep the good attitude. Time will pass, the weight will fall off, and before you know it, you'll be a new woman.

Oh, and anyone that says weight loss surgery is the easy way out, is a total and complete idiot. :)

He Took MY Last Name said...

if it hurts to eat things then dont eat anything just do your chicken broth. it would be a shame for you to have to go BACK into surgery because you ruptured something.

stick to the list the dr gave you. if you were in the hospital recovering, thats what you would get to eat, so pretend that is where you are. Get erik to dress up as a nurse for you if it helps

no one wants to see you fail at this.

My Shrinking Life said...

Glad I ran into your blog. I just started a blog of my own regarding my Gastric Sleeve journey. Surgery date is set for Sept 14th. I will continue to check in on your blog, feel free to visit mine.