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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Update on Dr's visit

I saw the physician's assistant and took her a printout of my diet for the last few weeks. When I weighed in at the office it hovered between 406 and 407!!! I promised her that I wasn't secretly pureeing cheeseburgers and she seemed pleased with my diet so far. She was really happy that I was tracking what I ate and encouraged me to continue. She agreed with me and contributed my weight gain to water retention and the fact that the low intake and lack of activity in addition to the trauma of the surgery and the subsequent bout of dehydration just had my body in crisis mode. She encouraged me to continue what I was doing and increase my activity and asked me to come back in two weeks.

I wasn't able to see the nutritionist today because she called in sick, but one thing I noticed while I was at the doctor's office was that the gatorade I've been drinking has LOADS of carbs in it!! I thought that was one of the first things I checked when Erik bought them for me, but I guess in my fog I read the label wrong or something. The stuff I was drinking had at least 34g of carbs per bottle and I was drinking at least two of them a day (40 oz), sometimes 3! When you are trying to low carb, drinking another 68-102g carbs does not constitute a low carb diet! I'm thinking this may have a little something to do with my weight gain although ultimately, I can't figure out how I can gain weight eating less than 700 calories a day.

I'm not going to worry about it (she says as if she believes it). I'm NOT pureeing cheeseburgers and pizza or guzzling regular coke when nobody's looking so I know the weight is going to come off sometime. The great thing is I'm never really hungry and I am still amazed at how little it takes to fill me up! I know this is going to be a good tool for me and will eventually get me where I need to be.


Justin Chavez said...

Keep at it, I read a lot of your blog right now. I really want you to succeed in journey, and I know if you stay focused you will. Never let yourself get discouraged. You can do it, the power is yours, take it!

big_mummy said...

It'll come! I am wondering how anyone would want to puree a cheeseburger, but eat to their own i guess lol. Melted mars bars maybe?

Anonymous said...

Have you tried Powerade Zero? Real tasty and I love the grape one. Electrolytes and ZERO calories!

I'm sure those extra carbs in the gatorade helped you retain water. Too many carbs always makes my weight job.

You are doing GREAT!


wannebebutterfly said...

Glad to hear that you are feeling better!

My Big Fat Super Super Obese Blog said...

Thanks guys!! I appreciate the support :)

Big Mummy: believe it or not, there was a guy in the hospital with me that apparently snuck in brownies and candy bars to eat after surgery??? I can't imagine going through all this and PLANNING to cheat before you even leave the hospital!! Crazy.

Maxine, I am headed back down the scale so I think either my period ending had something to do with it OR stopping the high carb drinks did. I tried the powerade zero, but prior to surgery a lot of those drinks (crystal light, powerade, etc) gave me heartburn when I drank them. Post surgery, heartburn actually feels like hunger so the drinks make me hungry. Today I'm trying water with lemon and a bit of splenda...I'll see how that works for me!