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Friday, July 9, 2010

Sooooooo Tiiiiiiiiired!

The last few days, I have really been wiped out. I finally called my doctor’s office to see if I could incorporate some protein shakes into my daily intake, because the Isopure was getting harder and harder to get down (I’ve learned since that it is affectionately referred to as IsoPUKE). The fatigue I felt was very much like how I felt prior to surgery…only MORE so. Seriously guys, I would walk from my bedroom to the kitchen and I’d be out of breath and feel as if I just took the longest walk of my life. It is not something I’m enjoying because it reminds me of how I felt 60 lbs ago. I know that it is temporary though. My body is trying to heal which takes protein and I just haven’t been getting much of that for the last week.

I went back to work yesterday because up until yesterday, I was feeling great! Then the bottom just kind of dropped out of my fuel tank. I woke up this morning, logged into work and could just tell it wasn’t going to work. I was literally so tired that when I talked you could HEAR the fatigue in my voice.

I’ve also had a few bouts with nausea and vomiting; mostly when I have to take a round of meds and supplements. Here is the problem: I really have to have SOMETHING on my stomach or the meds and supplements will make me throw up, BUT If I eat a thing of jello and then start trying to take my pills, then I wind up with entirely too much in my little stomach and THAT makes me throw up. This morning, I made a protein shake with a little bit of diet V8 splash (which is super yummy by the way) mixed with a bariatric advantage orangeade. I drank most of that, putting off my meds as long as possible, and when it finally got almost too late for my morning meds, I started trying to take them. Since I had finished the orange drink a bit earlier, I grabbed a sugar free jello and took a bite. Let that settle and then took my first pill. I let that settle and took my second pill with a bit of water. After waiting about 5 minutes, I took my third pill. Then it was time for the supplements: a multi vitamin chewable and a calcium citrate pill (both of which I can’t stand!) I chewed up the multi-vitamin quickly and swished my mouth with a bit of water to swallow it down; five minutes later I’m heaving my guts up at my bathroom sink. Well, it was more like dry heaves as nothing was really coming up, but it was from my TOES! Horrible!

I immediately got online with my supervisor and told her I think I may have overestimated my ability to be back so soon. Human Resources was nice enough to allow me to go back on leave without re-doing all the paperwork. I immediately logged off and went to lay down.

Erik came in for a few minutes to discuss what I needed him to get from the store (mainly more broth and some greek yogurt I’m going to try to mix into some of my protein shakes for more protein) and was so sweet about telling me to take it easy. I’m going to try another week and see how I feel. I see my doctor next Friday and he may let me start on mushies by then.

I was reading through my paperwork and noticed that it said that if you were experiencing the symptoms I was experiencing (dizzy, fatigue, etc) then you could move on to mushies (basically mushies are very well blended, wet foods: cottage cheese, tuna salad, chicken salad, refried beans, greek yogurt, etc). Before I took my nap, I called my doctor’s office to see if maybe that is what I needed to do, but they reiterated that I needed to stay on clear liquids for three weeks. The funny thing is…with patients who have the RNY, they are typically only on clear liquids for a week, but sleevers have to stay on it for three. I thought about it and I think the reason is that they are worried that once we start eating real food, before we really have a sense about our new hunger/full signals, we could conceivably overeat and spring a leak in our new stomach. Unlike the RNY patient who has a small suture line, sleevers have a suture line the entire length of their stomach and while it doesn’t happen a lot, you are at the highest risk of a leak in the first month. I do NOT want to experience that, so I’ll be a good girl and follow the doctor’s orders.

Last night, I made a homemade egg drop soup. The eggs and the tiny bit of green onion I added are kind of illegal at this stage of the game, but I only had about a half cup- a cup over about an hour just taking little sips and chewing any onion or eggy bits to death before swallowing. Tanner LOVED it as well and even though he had two mugs full, I figured it was still under 200 calories for both cups and about 10g fat. Next time, I’d like to try to add some unflavored protein powder to get more bang for my buck.

The last two days, I’ve really been able to increase my protein so I’m hoping that I’ll start to feel better soon. In the meantime…this morning I weighed myself and I’m at 403. That is a total of 14 lbs since the surgery and I can’t tell you how excited I am to be this close to passing out of the 400’s! I’m hoping that within the next week, I will be able to report some good news on that front :) Even with all the fatigue, vomiting, and yucky supplements I would do it all over again, no questions asked!


cmoursler said...

well, it sounds hard but you are really dropping the weight. Keep up all your good work! Hope you feel better soon.

Allan said...

I have studied the sleeve, bypass, bands and everything available. Please, please, read and follow the plan. Adding some onions, some other crap, whatever, will not help. You can do this. It is hard, but the alternative is a box, in the dirt. You can do it !!!

My Big Fat Super Super Obese Blog said...

Chris: thanks :)

Allan: I'm following the plan. I only added about a tablespoon of chopped green onion for flavor to about four cups of broth. The egg was drizzled in so if I got any egg, it was in little tiny strings. I made sure that most of mine was broth, but there were a few errant pieces of green onion. I felt perfectly fine after eating it.

I realize the dangers of trying to eat tuna salad or chili or something at this stage. What solid bits were in the broth, were really miniscule, but thanks for worrying about me :)

My Big Fat Super Super Obese Blog said...

I add, that the main reason I tried the egg drop soup was to fortify it a bit with protein without really bulking it up. At this stage of the game, I really need every bite that goes in my mouth to have as much nutrition as possible

mandatorybloghere said...

Its alright to be tired for a few weeks hun you just had surgery. If they want you on that crap for three weeks there must be a reason I wouldnt do anything different than what the doctors say. Remember they are the best and have done thousands of these. Good luck you only have couple more weeks. Also your body wont be lacking anything as it has lots of reserves to draw from.

Dominique said...

Wow, beauty comes at a price, doesn't it? It sounds as though you're taking it really well, though. Be nauseous, but be proud! :)

Val said...

I'm really happy and excited for you! It sucks that you are so tired and icky feeling right now :( Good luck though-I'm sure you will be feeling better soon!!!