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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Bigfoot Hunting and Other Things You Can Do After Weightloss

Actual transcript of conversation that occurred between Tanner and I this week:

Tanner: Mom?
Me: Yeah?
Tanner: When you get skinny…?

(this has become a regular topic of conversation lately…we enjoy talking about the sort of things we are going to do as I lose weight and get healthier)
Me: Yes?
Tanner: Can we go on a Bigfoot hunt?

(this, however, is the first time he’s proposed this sort of activity)
Me: Uhh, yeahhhhhh….No. That sounds like the perfect activity for you and your dad though.
(I blame Erik for letting him watch all those crap conspiracy shows, ghost hunter shows, etc. As I write this they are watching Destination Truth. This particular episode is about the Chupacabra, so I suspect he may propose a Chupacabra hunt at some point in the next few days)
Tanner: (waiting for a few moments) Uhh mom?
Me: Yeah sweetie?
Tanner: Why not?
Me: Sigh…because that just isn’t my sort of thing honey, I think Dad would have more fun doing that.

(a few minutes pass by as he sits behind me as I sort out my office)
Tanner: Mom?
Me: Yes?
Tanner: What about if we go hunting aliens?
Me: Nah, I don’t think that’s my cup of tea either.
Tanner: What are you talking about? I thought you liked aliens?
Me: Oh I LOVE aliens, but I’m just not the sort of person to go hunting them down.

(Tanner’s face drops immediately and then in a defeated voice)
Tanner: I can’t believe you mom! I thought you were a science genius! :(

I guess, no matter how awesomely gifted your parents are, we are just destined to disappoint our kids at some point. I did feel bad, but I do have many other things I’m looking forward to as I get this weight off. We’ve talked about going to the county fair, visiting SeaWorld, Fiesta Texas, Disney World. Taking vacations, buying bikes and riding after he gets home from school. Those are just a few of the things we’ve discussed.

I also realized the other day that I am actually enjoying the seasons as they change. It just kind of hit me as I sat there. I was looking forward to Fall, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas. It kind of surprised me because I hadn’t realized that, in the last several years, I hadn’t really looked forward to these things. Why? Because, when you are stuck in your house, changing seasons…special seasonal activities…parties, etc. All those things really cease to exist. When you don’t leave your house for weeks at a time, what does it matter if the weather cools off or if the trees start to turn different shades? Who cares if so-and-so is having a cool Halloween party or if the family is getting together for Thanksgiving? Every day is just like the last no matter what time of year it is.

It isn’t that I didn’t KNOW my weight was having this effect on my quality of life, but it just hit me like a ton of bricks how much my perspective has changed since losing some weight. Not only that, but for the first time in a very long time, actually BELIEVING that I’m going to get the rest of it off. It is as if I’ve been living in a beige world for the last 10 years and slowly things are coming into Technicolor focus. As all of this slowly dawned on me, I realized I was smiling. Smiling is good.


cmoursler said...

I love this post.
I did the same thing. My world is much bigger than it used to be....yours is expanding daily.
great conversation.

Lori said...

Smiling is very good and I am so glad that you are smiling again. I read posts like this and it makes me think of your mom and how proud she would be of you not only on your weightloss but on your outlook. You have been my inspiration and I have lost 8 pounds all together. A gazillion to go but just the little milestones are rewarding so thank you !!

Laura said...

Smiling is very good!!! I'm really looking forward to the holiday festivities this year as well, especially decorating the house!

Anonymous said...

This was a fantastic post and I'll bet everyone who's had to lose weight has at one time thought about losing weight this way. In all seriousness, I am actually going to hunt for Bigfoot. Long story short, since I started my weight loss I've lost 93 pounds, I have also become an avid hiker since losing this weight. Before I lost the weight I knew of a place in the mountains near where I live that has the highest number of Bigfoot sightings in the country (I live in the Pacific Northwest). I knew about this location before I'd lost the weight and never thought I'd be able to go there becasue it's in a place that isn't easily accessable. Well guess what...we're making plans to go hiking up there next summer and look for Bigfoot. Not that I think we're going to find anything but how fun just to say, "I went Bigfoot hunting". :) So your son isn't so far out there after all!

My Big Fat Super Super Obese Blog said...

chris: I am LOVING every second of it!!
Lori: You are a sweetheart. I am so proud of you too and honored to have inspired you just a bit. I have really missed mom through all of this, but knowing you guys were behind me really helped me get through it. Love ya xx
Sasha: that is hilarious about bigfoot hunting! Honestly, I think it would be kind of fun if we actually had a lead on the big guy. I act all cool and girly, but I'm as big a nerd as tanner and erik are!