My Progress!

Sunday, September 12, 2010 update!

I have been incredibly busy the last week with work and doctor's appointments. As I type this I am headed out the door to grab some hours at the pool before Erik has to leave for work. I hope to post more about the past week later tonight, but wanted to share a link to my snapfish album where I have all my progress pics up.

Honestly, apart from the face, I'm not seeing much change in the body, but I think it has more to do with the clothes I'm wearing in the pics. I KNOW my body is changing because I've actually moved down into the next size clothes in my closet!! The outfit I am wearing in the pictures from yesterday was one I couldn't even get on a few months ago. The arms were skin tight and I couldn't even button the shirt. I can't tell you how exciting it is to be able to choose some of these outfits...some of which have been sitting in my closet for YEARS, price tags still on 'em, the whole nine yards. I'm also enjoying doing my hair, which you'll notice needs to be cut...I'm planning a day of pampering next Saturday and trying to decide whether I'm going to go lighter (more blond-ish) or stay with my brunette color. I'm thinking lightening it up may help camouflage any hairloss I will probably start to experience in the next few weeks (It notoriously starts around month 3)...but I digress :) I was saying that now, I am starting to enjoy getting dressed up, putting on makeup, doing my hair and just overall taking pride in my appearance again.

Ok, I am currently being stalked by my favorite teenager who has donned his swimming trunks and is literally breathing down my neck because I have yet to put on MY swimming attire. I'll be back later though with more updates on the past week. Hope everyone is enjoying their Sunday!


Ice Queen said...

Looking good, girl. And I am seeing a lot of progress. I think it is harder for us to see our own progress than it is to see that of others. :D

Say, if you want to see how different hair colours would look on you, before you commit to something, you can upload a photo at Taaz and play with different colours, cuts and so forth. The site also has makeup colours to try and overall looks, as well. It is bags of fun and can be an incredible time suck, if you let it. lol Here's the URL:

Thanks to that site I found my perfect shade of blonde and I know exactly what to get when I reach my first reward milestone. :D

wildfluffysheep said...

I think you can see a change in your body too. I love prgoress pics! Way to go.

It feels good to have new clothes.

Hope you enjoy swimming!

mandatorybloghere said...

looking good keep it up

Diana said...

Michelle, finally an update from you! I've been thinking about you, wondering how it was coming along. Sounds like you're doing great.

I can see the weight loss in your face, it's very evident. I think the only reason we can't see it in your body as much is because your clothes are so loose (which is a good thing, right?).

You're definitely a very pretty lady and I can't wait to watch as you get smaller and smaller. You're life is going to change for the better so much. It's going to be a very exciting phase of your life. I'm glad you're sharing it with us.

cmoursler said...

you are doing good....I can see it in your face and in your cheeks.
You look good...I think an even bigger indicator is your current post verses the one from last december...the one that convinced me that someday you would beat this..
December 3rd, 2009...
'The problem I was faced with was I going to attempt these outings without getting myself into a situation that I might have a problem getting out of. How was I going to go to the store, walk from my car into the store, walk around the store browsing products AND stand at the check out line long enough to pay for my items and then walk back to my car?...What I did was load a folding chair in the backseat of the car. When I got to the store, I threw the folding chair into a cart and walked until I really needed to sit down. I tried to last as long as I could which quite honestly, wasn't all that long. We are talking way under 5 minutes at a time on my feet. Usually my cue to break out the poor man's wheelchair was about the time my back started aching, knees started trembling, calves get the picture. Pretty much, if I knew the next step was going to possibly endanger anyone who might be unfortunate enough to share the aisle with me should I fall, I sat down. A few clerks gave me funny looks when I whipped out the chair."

Not only did that give me immense respect for you, I believe I left a comment that said as much...

But now I read this...

"As I type this I am headed out the door to grab some hours at the pool before Erik has to leave for work."

becaue you have had 'such a busy week'.
The differences are written all over you and all over your blog.
Can I just say...this is fun to watch, and it makes my heart glad.
Have a great day.

Val said...

Looking good girl!! I can most definitely see a difference.
Keep up the awesome work :)

Weight Watcher Wannabe said...

Keep up the great work... you rock...

Lori said...

You look great !! I can see the weight loss in your face alot..I love the red shirt on you. I am really proud of you and happy for you. I hear it in your voice when I talk to you that you are feeling good about yourself..

My Big Fat Super Super Obese Blog said...

IQ: thanks so much for that website. I'll defo try it out, looks like fun lol

WFS, MBH, Val, WWW and Lori... Thanks for the support :)

Diana: sorry for being so derelict in my blogging duties. Thanks so much for the sweet words and support! I'm already feeling amazing.

Chris: God, I remember that, but it seems a lifetime ago. I think pushing myself and not letting myself get too "comfortable" with the weight I was carrying is what ultimately led me to go through with the surgery. I'm definitely enjoying getting my life back bit by bit xx