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Thursday, September 2, 2010

WARNING: Today's Post may Nauseate some Women and Most Men!

The past few days have been horrendous! I have to apologize up front for sharing way too much info, but if there are any other PCOSisters who read my blog and are thinking about having this surgery, it might be of some interest to them. Essentially, Aunt Flo came for a visit and she was ROYALLY ticked off! See, apparently she hadn’t been invited for some time on account of the PCOS and all the weight I had gained so she made up for lost time and did some heavy duty done some spring/fall cleaning in my uterus BIG TIME.

For the past four days, I have bled and bled and bled….and bled; like I’ve been hemorrhaging…seriously. If you have had the great misfortune of being within earshot of me, it is all I’ve managed to talk about because it has become an all consuming problem. Every single time I use the bathroom it winds up looking like a murder scene which requires that I get down on my hands and knees and clean like I’ve just taken on a job with Sunshine Cleaners or something. I’ve felt so bad, I haven’t exercised all week and I’ve decided to consider the exercise I’m getting going to and from the bathroom, up and down off the toilet and then later the floor after I clean as my exercise for the week. And for those of you who think that might be stretching the definition of exercise…let me just warn you, this week may not be the week to voice your opinions ok?

Erik just LOVES hearing all about the return of my menstrual cycle; especially because he got to make an emergency pad and tampon run for me yesterday. I don’t know about your husband, but mine just LOVES stocking up on feminine hygiene products for me in his spare time. Here is how our text conversation went:

11:00 AM me: omg erik, you get off early today right?
11:06 AM Erik: 1:20 why?
11:10 AM me: I need you to stop and get me some pads and tampons. I've only been up four hours and I've had to change both four times. This is unreal :P
11:11 AM + Erik: Oye! Text me all the info, size, color, quantity
11:13 AM me: ok lol
11:18 AM Tampons are Playtex gentle glide...whatever they have for the heaviest flow prob super. NO deoderant tampons though. Pads are Always Maximum Protection Maxi With Flexi-Wings. They will probably be in a blueish package with a red colored bar along the bottom, but the pads will be wrapped in a peach colored plastic. Get two boxes/pgs of each
11:30 AM + Erik: Omg! I'll do my best
me: can you grab some pork rinds too? I'm going to try to make eggplant parmesan tonight lol
11:59 AM +Erik: Sure

Of course he came home with the wrong pads AND the wrong tampons. Poor guy, I joked with my aunt that he was going to have to go up to the cashier with pads, tampons and pork rinds. I kidded him about STILL getting the wrong stuff even though I went to all the trouble to tell him exactly what I wanted and he replied “TOUGH! Grab a rag then, guess your ass is going to be living back in the stone age for the rest of the week!” Hehe, no matter how much I bitch about him, he does come through when I really need him doesn’t he?

I’m just assuming that this is my body getting back to “normal” after several months/years of very irregular periods due to my weight. I also know that every pound I lose releases more estrogen into my system and that probably has something to do with it as well. Regardless, I’m booking an appointment with my gynecologist next month just to make sure Aunt Flo is taken care of because I can’t handle her in this mood if she’s going to be making a monthly appearance!

PS. As of today I’m down to 378 :) Guess massive blood loss is worth an ounce or two hmm?

If you aren’t totally grossed out by today’s confessional, here’s a website that might inspire some fun with the kiddies.


cmoursler said...

I was all laughing about the murder scene...I have one day like that..the third. Teh first two spotty...then a gusher then it's over.
I have a feeling there are NO dudes reading this or bothering to cmment so no
I so use gentle glide. Much better.
and YEAH on the weight loss.
pork rinds and tampons. They knew he was making a chick run.

Veronica said...

LOL! Not grossed out at all, but I think your male readers are running away screaming. Woman, you are just too funny, sending him for feminine products and pork rinds. You have quite a guy that's willing to do that for you. Mine will too but they are a rare breed. I lost my period for a year because I was so sick (I had Graves disease, which led to diabetes), but when it came back, it was the opposite of what you're experiencing. It was just a trickle that lasted a few days. Pre-Graves, I used to have 5 day periods and now, nine years after handling my illnesses, my period is still only three days long but it has gotten a little heavier. Nothing like before, but that's OK with me!

JoAnn said...

Did you check with your Dr. to make sure this was okay? Are you taking your vitamins so you don't become anemic?

My Big Fat Super Super Obese Blog said...

Chris: re: the chick run thing...that is what my aunt said lol!

Veronica: lucky you to get a lighter period!! Sorry about the graves disease, my friend's brother has that and I know it isn't easy to deal with.

JoAnn: I just got off the phone with my doctor's office, they are bringing me in next Tuesday and prescribing some provera to hopefully stop the bleeding

I'm Fluffy said...

I have menstrual issues. I have very irregular periods. I've had months of going without a period and I've also had months of straight heavy bleeding. I bleed through all pads and tampons, so I started using the Diva Cup. I swear by it now. I can leave it in for 10 hours on regular bleeding days without risk of TSS. And it doesn't leak if put in properly.

Anonymous said...

I had to read your blog, because of the title. I totally know where you are at...especially the murder scene scenario. I must admit, having my hysterectomy years ago was a Godsend, to say the least. I was tired of gushing and bleeding to death. Interesting about what I'm Fluffy says about the Diva Cup. I always wondered about those things. Maybe worth a try.

Sian said...

That was hilarious, yet I feel your pain! I am still waiting for my WLS, but have not had an issue with my menstrual cycles even at 300lbs, they come regularly and usually with a pretty loud announcement.
My main issue is trying to reach 'down there'! LOL

Dominique said...

Honey, I am so sorry! What a rotten visit! At my heaviest I, too, had scrubbing days. As I have started to lose and to exercise, the symptoms have diminished tremendously. Things are getting back to normal, thank God! I don't think you will have to contend with this problem forever. I hope your doctor can offer some assistance in the time being.

Mom to the Fourth Power said...

Oh my... I felt guilty laughing at this post but inside I cried for you too! UG. I can relate!!

I just found your blog. My hubs and I are also on a quest to lose weight and get healthy. I am happy to meet you and wish you blessings in your journey as well. :)


big_mummy said...

hahaha!! TOOO funny! I have often wondered a an eager csi with a bottle of luminol would uncover in my bathroom LMFAO!

Loretta said...

I have dealt with the bleeding issue. Drives me crazy!!! A friend suggested I start taking cayenne in pill form .. it slows the flow. Boy did it work wonders!!!
Please stop by my blog to pick up a blog award I am giving you :)

Lisa said...

I am a PCOS-er too and I just got my period after six months. not pretty. lol

- Lisa

Kalena said...

I've been there darlin! Recently too, about oh a week ago, bled nonstop for 3 months, the big gooey string shit and everything lol hopefully it'll stay away for a bit, because when I'm hit with the gusher, I don't wanna get out of the chair, much less exercise!