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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas Cookie Hell...hell...hell...hell

They are going to be the death of me people. We decided we were going to do a bit of baking. I am used to doing quite a bit of baking around this time of year, but just didn't feel strong enough and didn't want loads of cookies around to tempt any of us for weeks before Christmas. Well, I MISS the baking :( I decided that maybe I could make my least favorites and then wouldn't be as tempted but could still have a little fun so we decided to make our traditional "Bat Balls" (basically chocolate rum balls), peanut butter blossoms, and erik is making his spritz cookies.

Erik went shopping Sunday. Tanner tore into a box of nilla wafers (which is an ingredient used in the bat balls...btw, if I haven't mentioned before why they are called bat balls...tanner called them that because he didn't know the real name for them, but remembered the bottle of rum had a bat on it ;) and I happened to see it. It's that time of the month so my will power is at its weakest and my appetite at its worst so before I knew it, I had inhaled 7. Now that is MUCH less than I would have binged on in the past, but later I went back for 7 more AND had about 5 chocolate kisses ZOMG! Guess the binge eater is alive and well inside me after all :S I immediately texted erik and told him to hide them from me when he got home (which he did) and we've put off the actual baking until tomorrow.

Last night, we went to a friend's to have her color my hair, but we ended up getting side tracked making sugar cookies and decorating them. Those are Tanner's in the picture up there...I joked that it looked like a sugar cookie crime scene. It was loads of fun, we had a few gingerbread zombies, gingerbread inmates (in orange jumpsuits and numbers across their chest, as well as several very flower-looking snowflakes. Throughout the whole process, I had 2-3 unfrosted cookies and later when we got home I had two more. I knew I had to get a handle on this. Otherwise, I've been eating the way I should and I'm sure that even with the crap I've allowed, I'm still well under 2000 calories a day, but its the BEHAVIOR that worries me. I'm even questioning whether to do the baking tomorrow or leave it all until the day before Christmas so the temptation isn't around as long.

Today, I decided that I was just going to NOT allow myself to graze which is basically how I managed to consume so much crap over the last few days. I'm allowing myself three meals and two snacks and if ONE of those snacks is a cookie...that is all its going to be ONE cookie. Today I had one cookie and managed not to inhale the rest, but it wasn't easy!

I'm down to 325/327 (been going up and down between these two numbers the last week or so) and I really want to be at 317 by the end of the month so trying to keep that in mind when the cravings get horrible.

How are you guys handling all the treats? Avoidance, will power, stapling your mouth shut? Please, spill your secrets!


He Took MY Last Name said...

I made 3 dozen chocolate chip cookies and ate 18 of them. The other half my husband ate. No secrets here. Won't bake again lol

Laryssa said...

I gave up eating anything with sugar in order to control my glucose levels and, since it's been over 2 months, it's been a whole lot easier to stay away from the cookies, pies, and cakes. I just don't want them anymore. For the few moments I do get a craving for sweets, I grab a Klondike no sugar added bar. It does the job and helps me keep staying away from the sugar.

Renea said...

I JUST blogged about this..
My gift to myslef this year is to NOT bake.
I will next year when I have a better handle on my eating issues.
It is a disater waiting to happen!

Joy said...

Mine has been a little mix of avoidance and willpower. However, I have a trip to my Gmas this week and she was just telling me on the phone how she is making 5(!!) diff. kinds of cookies so I'll have to get back to you next week on if my willpower held up ;)

Christine said...

I am going to make some oatmeal and peanut butter cookies and I may get a few....if I am lucky. I have a large husband who likes to eat as well as a teenager adn a cookie monkey.
I will get two or three and then it's a free for all, lose a limb if you get too close! lol.
I didn't think you could actually eat that much once you had the bypass.
learn something new every day.

My Big Fat Super Super Obese Blog said...

HTMLN: Thanks for the confession lol. Nice to know I'm not the only one sruggling but hope we both do better for the rest of the holidays!
Laryssa: I do much better on a low carb diet, but once you give in and get a few carbs in your system, it makes you crave them even more! I'm sure you know this too. I just need a few days of strict low carbing and I'll be fine again. Going to get through this week and try to allow myself some wiggle room without allowing the binge behavior and then get back on track.
Renea: I read your blog lol. Almost the EXACT same post although you sound more hardcore when it comes to baking lol! I'm jealous ;)
Joy: Good luck at grandmas!!
Christine: I didn't have the bypass, I had the vertical Gastric Sleeve. Most people who have the bypass can't even eat sugar or fatty stuff without getting violently ill because they have had a section of their small intestines bypassed which createst the malabsorption and dumping issues. With me, it is just restriction so I have to still use old fashioned will power. The key is NOT to graze because I could probably easily eat a dozen cookies if I had one every half hour or so. I'd just have to eat, let it empty out of my stomach and then I'd be ready for another one. I've found that the key for me right now at least is to stop the grazing activity which will allow this and that seems to help. I did MUCH better yesterday :)

Twiggy said...

You are getting ready to pass me up! You are about where I started 2 months ago and I am down about 27 lbs're going to catch me in no time!

mandatorybloghere said...

Id suggest not baking you might miss it but you cant miss being heavy and not able to move. Maybe you could make a new tradition. Make Christmas cards or crafts instead. I really think that is part of our problem here we tie every holiday in with food. Food shouldn't be a tradition. No wonder we all eat emotionally. Good luck staying with program

Anonymous said...

For me, sugar might as well be crack. It's truly addictive, I often wonder if there's a physical craving somewhere at the gut or cell level. Once I start, I'll dive in face-first for weeks on end before coming up for air, so I try not to start. It isn't the 100th cookie that does me in, it's the first. Which is where my danger signal needs to go off, when I start thinking I can have just one, or enjoy baked goods like a normie. I can't. I just can't. Easier said than done though!

Christine said...

ahhh....light dawns.
well, your good old fashioned will power is doing good cause you are really losing weight. Glad you did better the next day.

Anonymous said...

hey hello I wonder are you ok . Hoping you all had a good Christmas and your not in the hospital again . missing your blog. happy new year :>)

My Big Fat Super Super Obese Blog said...

kathy, we held off baking until christmas eve. Still didn't stop me from sampling way too many cookies lol.

anonymous: sorry for being so derelict and worrying anyone. I was just enjoying time with erik and tanner and relaxing. I actually had christmas off for the first time in three years so I was being lazy and probably someone in a carb-induced coma lol!