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Saturday, May 8, 2010

I'm still alive!

I apologize for being absent the last few days. I've started to post and actually have a post in draft that was almost finished from a few days ago that I just never got around to actually posting. I haven't stopped dieting, although I did get a bit disheartened because the scale crept up to about 435 from 432 around Monday and has stayed there give or take a pound both ways most of the week (I need to weigh myself today and I'll post it later). I think I may actually be trying to have a period after months (I can't even remember the last period I had...I know..that's bad) which may be impacting my weight. It is either that OR those salads I got and some of the other times I've eaten something I didn't actually prepare myself had more fat or calories than I actually thought they did.

On other fronts...that damn cyst is back :( So, I'm going to have to try to get into the doctor at some point. I think that may also have contributed to another bout of lethargy I've had the last few days uggh..hate it. That is probably the biggest reason I haven't posted...been working like a fiend and once I'm off...I am just so exhausted, I spend a few hours with a few more hours at my night job and then go straight to bed.

Speaking of..I just started working my day shift and two people called out so I should probably go as I have a ton of work to get done and I imagine Im going to stay pretty busy on the phone unless they can get these other shifts covered. I will weigh myself on my break and update this post so check back later in the day if you want to know the damage :S. I do have some other stuff to report (on the exercise front) and I hope to update that tomorrow. You can read my food log from the past few days (just change the date at the top) here. Not great, but not horrible...had a few days (like yesterday) where I went "off" my eating plan a bit, but you can see I stayed under in calories if not fat grams lol :S Dinner would have even been ok if I hadn't had that darn biscuit!!! 250 calories and 15g of fat IN ONE POPEYE'S BISCUIT????? that's insane!


cmoursler said...

That is insane..and a good thing that your learning as you go.
You'll know what it will cost you calorie wise, the next time..
You'll probably pick something else.
I am so glad you are still tracking. Hoping things lighten up soon.

KrysTros said...

Well first off, Happy Mother's day!

Everytime I have a period, no lie, I gain 9 lbs just like that. And then the day after it's over, boom, gone! So don't let it get you down. Just stick with the dieting and exercise and eventually you will see the loss and you will start to FEEL BETTER!

Fat Bastard said...
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Birdie Woods said...

Hey! Just wanted to let you know that I've awarded you "The Sunshine Award" =) Go to my blog to check it out!