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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Saturday Weigh In: 432 on the nose!!

Yep...actually lost 12 lbs since this time last week :) Pretty awesome hmm? I have to say that I'm kinda feeling it in my body...just not as difficult to get going once I get on my feet. It is very subtle, but its there.

Probably the biggest change is in my energy level. I knew eating better would probably impact that a little bit, but it has really had a much bigger than expected impact. On my days off, I could literally spend all day sleeping and still not wake up rested (I'm sure this has a lot to do with the apnea and the fact that I'm not currently using my cpap...I need a new mask). I was also extremely exhausted by the end of the day on my work days; so much so that I had started taking a nap between my two jobs which meant I wasn't available to tanner much (he would come in and watch TV in my bedroom while I got a bit of rest (this wasn't every day).

Yesterday I went and got my nails done and a pedicure. Even doing something like that takes a lot out of me at the moment, but I noticed that I bounced back much quicker. Amazing how quickly you start seeing results.

Yesterday I "splurged" a bit at dinner time. Erik got pizza, but he got me a thin crust veggie pizza. I had one slice of that and one slice of the regular pizza they had. It wasn't a horrible splurge. I was consciously making choices about what I ate and what level I would stop at. For lunch, Shannon (the friend that went to the salon with me) and I stopped at jack in the box and I got the chicken teryaki bowl which..Yikes just pulled it up on their nutritional menu... is 693 calories and 6g fat. Higher in calories than I thought, but I hadn't had breakfast so it isn't that bad really.

Erik has kind of been driving me nuts. I don't know if I'm just more aware of it when I'm dieting or if he subconsciously (or consciously) amps up the verbalization of his own cravings or what; I'm probably just more aware of it lol. He knows I've stuck to my diet and have been working hard to continue to do so, but the other morning he mentioned he was going to whataburger and asked if I wanted anything. I told him no, and then last night he starts talking about having this pancake craving..he got me going lol. We were looking up Ihop and talking about getting take out from there this morning. We pulled up the website and worked ourselves up into quite the pancake frenzy. Luckily, we slept on it and decided we'd just get pancakes from whataburger. I was looked them up and they are only 408 calories with 4 grams of fat for three large pancakes...not bad. I didn't butter them and only used one syrup (120 calories 0 fat) so all in all, that "splurge" was only 528 calories and 4 grams of fat!! That's better than most lean cuisines lol :)

I really have to thank Chris for helping me simplify my thought process when it comes to dieting. Instead of focusing so much on good vs. bad foods, I'm focusing on a caloric intake (my cap is about 1800 per day, but I'm usually well below that). Since I've been doing that, I find that I don't feel as deprived. I'm not obsessing so much about food. It really is helping so thanks friend :)


He Took MY Last Name said...

good for you! keep it up! glad to see such a big loss for you

He Took MY Last Name said...

also nice new layout lol just noticed it is loads easier to read

cmoursler said...

Your welcome. It really is what helped me too.
I am so glad you are doing so well. 12 pounds is incredible.
You are doing great!
Keep up your good work.

Rettakat said...

12 pounds this week! That's how much I lost all last month, LOL! That's wonderful.

I know what you mean about the subtle changes. It all helps. I don't know why our paths didn't cross before... we started about the same weight. I read your post about mobility, and taking your folding chair to the store. Kudos to you!

I'm trying hard to get back leg strength, and get my mobility back. I admire your determination not to give an inch, to retain what you have, and not lose any.

Consistency will get us there!

My Big Fat Super Super Obese Blog said...

HTMLN: Thanks christie :) I like this new layout too. Do you still see the old one for a sec before the new one shows? I must have code in my layout somewhere with the old info. I can't figure out how to fix lol.

Chris: thanks sweetie!

Loretta: Is it not amazing how fast you can lose that muscle strength??? SO much faster than it takes to build it back sucks!

Laurie ( said...

Congrats on that awesome loss!!! It's definitely a good idea that you are focusing on calories moreso at the moment. You're more likely to stay on the wagon if you allow yourself "splurges" every now and again, and just keep in mind what a splurge might have been months ago... You're making great improvements and I'm proud of you! :)