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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Sleeping Beauty...NOT

She makes it look so easy doesn't she? I can guarantee you I didn't look quite so peaceful.

I had my sleep study last night. I wasn’t feeling great AT ALL. Erik and I had to go to a morning appointment and I had a few pieces of toast with low fat peanut butter before we left thinking that would tide me over till we got back. At the appointment I started feeling kind of sick to my stomach, but lately I sometimes think being hungry makes me sick to my stomach. Maybe I just forgot what being empty feels like lol? It could be the medication I take too; I seem to have a hard time with the metformin and vacillate between 1000mg and 2000mg because every time I up it, it makes me sick. Someone mentioned talking to my doctor about getting on a liquid dose. I definitely need to do something about it.

So, after the appointment, I was STARVING. I decided I’d allow myself to kind of go off my diet as a planned cheat for doing so well with both my diet and exercise. I wanted some breakfast tacos, but Wendy’s was closer so I settled for a chicken club sandwich and an order of fries. I even got a regular coke! I couldn’t finish the sandwich and only had a few fries (somehow we must have ordered the biggie or something because I’ve never seen an order of fries that large before…even when I ordered it in the past lol…figures the day I can’t eat them, they actually fill the darn thing up!). I was kind of proud of the fact that I couldn’t eat the whole thing and stopped rather than continuing to eat just because it was my cheat. I immediately felt sorry though…spend the rest of the afternoon not feeling great and even laid down for a while.

Later for dinner, I had a bit of toast with some butter spray (zero calories, zero fat) and some chicken noodle soup and went off to my sleep study. I apologized to the guy that had to hook me up to everything because I wasn’t all that chatty and just wanted him to get the job done so I could go to bed. I thought about having him take a pic with my cam phone after he was done, because I was looking all kinds of crazy and figured you guys would probably LOVE to have a laugh with me. If I wasn’t sick, I probably would have done it ;)

The bed they had me in was so comfortable! I actually got some decent sleep, but apparently I didn’t hit some minimum so they didn’t have to do the second part of the study. I don’t know if that means I wasn’t having any apnea episodes and wouldn’t have a cpap recommended for me or if it just meant the apnea wasn’t so bad that they didn’t need to get me on a cpap right there and then. I guess I’ll know in a week.

Erik came and picked me up and again, I tempted fate and asked him to stop so I could get some breakfast tacos. I know…I don’t know what got into me, I’m disappointed. Especially since I stepped on the scale right after and saw I was back at 431 :( I doubt I gained weight that fast from the few things I ate though. I think it was probably because I’ve actually had loads of salt in the last few days, so some of it is likely water and maybe a lb or two from the cheats. Again, I felt like crap and slept most of the day. My poor stomach was screaming at me “What are you doing??? We are sick her woman, doesn’t anything kill that appetite of yours?” Apparently not.

So, I finally woke up and decided I should probably take a shower and get all that sticky crap they use for the electrodes out of my hair. Once I took a shower I felt a little better, but still didn’t feel like eating. I decided to call the bike place down the road from us to see if they had an adult trike we might see for Tanner. Carlos, the owner said they did and I asked him if he had any bikes he thought might work for me. He asked my weight and I was honest with him. Poor guy, he was quiet for a second and I just said “Yeah, I’m a big girl.” He said “Well, I think it is great that you are thinking about doing something like this, why don’t you come by and we’ll talk.” I asked Erik if he would want to go with Tanner and I and surprisingly he said yes. I thought for sure going to see about a bike for me would rank right up there with going swimming with me, but I guess not. Score a few points for Erik this round.

Tanner has never really been able to learn how to ride a bike due to some balance issues he has. I think that he probably COULD have learned when he was younger, but his frustration tolerance made teaching him very difficult. We finally just gave up after purchasing a bike that sat a bit lower and he still had difficulty managing it and finally refused to get on it. He tried out a blue adult trike that didn’t look all that goofy in person. He did fine, but the guy remarked that his muscle tone was pretty low. He had a bike for me, but said that I would probably need to wait until I was closer to 300 unless I wanted to ride a trike to start off with. Maybe for now, we can work on getting tanner the trike and get erik some clearance bike or free bike from somewhere so that he and tanner can start riding together. I can get up in the morning or go out at night and start building up my stamina on the trike and get me a decent bike when I lose a little more weight. Guess we’ll wait and see how it plays out, but it was kind of fun to think about getting more active and encouraging Tanner to get more active.

Afterwards, we stopped by McDonalds (Erik had already promised Tanner) and got Tanner something to eat (and a shrek mug for me....they already had the fiona mugs :(and then we stopped by a nearby BBQ place to get a baked potato for me. I ordered it dry and doctored it up with some butter spray (which is kind of saving my life lately) and some light sour cream. That seemed to sit a heck of a lot better on my stomach. I still don't know if the problems I was having was due to the food I ate or an actual illness. I suppose it could have been both, but you know what I mean. I'm back on track though. Want to see that scale start moving back down :)


He Took MY Last Name said...

No MORE CHEATING! Get back on plan, now. you cant expect your body to get better if you keep feeding it crap! lean proteins lean proteins lean proteins. chicken salmon fish, lean lean lean. Also LOTS of water. You may not think it, but it aids in all sorts of things, including weight loss.

Stick with it. Remember, its YOU you are fighting for. Dont give up on YOURSELF, you are worth it!

KrysTros said...

When I had my surgery, I ate canned white chicken. It was a lifesaver. It filled me up and it was good for me. Get used to lean proteins, they will help build muscle, burn fat and help speed up healing.

Anonymous said...

Rewarding yourself for staying on plan is great and you definitely deserve it, but maybe try something other than food!

Dominique said...

I think that if you can use a bike, or a tryke, you should jump on it! I was having trouble with heel spurs due to my weight, and walking was painful. But using a bike takes the pressure off your feet. I think you'd love the freedom and being out. It's pure joy!

Definitely watch that salt. It could easily have been the whole added lbs. problem. We've sworn off all eating out for now, and it has made a good deal of difference for me.

Love to hear about your journey! Be well!