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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Never Give Up: 150 lbs. gone forever

Friday, I officially hit 100 lbs lost since my surgery on June 29th! As of today I’m at 102 lbs, but I think a bit of it might be water as I took a diuretic the other day so we’ll see how I stabilize over the next few days. To commemorate this amazing event, I thought I would upload some pictures that I took last night before going out and contrast them with some pictures I believe are somewhere on my blog, but forgotten about. I am guessing that these pictures show me at my top weight of 465. I “discovered” them again on my photobucket account and was truly taken aback.




Here's one more collection that must have been taken around the same time:


And at 417

I called Erik in to look at them and even HE was amazed. He said he never remembered me being that big either. It looks painful to be that fat! I mean, obviously it was painful in more ways than one, but it just looks like every single part of me should be hurting; I’m straining at the seams of what nature intended for our bodies. I still can’t believe the comparison though. I’m including pictures at 465, pictures that were taken the day of my surgery at 417 and pictures from today that show me at 315. Such an amazing transformation.




And 150 lbs lighter




Picture below is Me between 230/250. I realize you can't see my body much, but you kind of get the idea:

65 more lbs and I will be at the weight I was in the last picture (or close to it). It is amazing to think I could be in this body by this summer. I don’t know, maybe mid-summer is more realistic, but I really think I could be there by the end of the summer for sure. Just as I couldn’t imagine being in my current body last June, I can’t imagine being close to the body below by this June. Unbelievable.


To those of you who read my blog and may be where I was at just half a year ago: Don’t give up. Even if every day feels like you are starting a new diet because you only managed to make it through breakfast or lunch on yesterday's diet before giving in and eating something you shouldn't. I'm proof that the only way you truly fail is if you stop trying. NEVER GIVE UP xxx


Jacqui said...

wow... that's all I can really say.. wow! you look amazing.. congrats on all your success!

Weight Watcher Wannabe said...

Fantastic!!! You have done amazing. You look great!!!!!

FatAngryBlog said...

WOW! That's awesome!

Christine said...

You look so TINY! I bet you can see the difference. People will say that to me as well..
:"I don't remember you that fat"
and I don't remember it either.
And pretty soon you will be as small as that bottom pic and then even smaller....just remember to give your brain time to catch up to your body, you will have your fat goggles on for quite a while. This is so exciting...(happy dance)

Christine said...

oh, and I love love love that black shirt. It's beautiful.

Baby Weight and Beyond said...

Wow! What an incredible difference!
You can definitely get there by the end of summer!

Diana said...

Wow, what a diffrence! Not only in how you look but also in your attitude towards life. I love watching this transformation.

By the way, you're beautiful right now. Very pretty lady. :)

geekywriter said...

Your accomplishment is amazing--you should be proud of yourself. And you look great! BTW--I love the '80s look in the older picture too. Keep going--by reading your blog it's easy to see you have many people rooting for you!

Ashley said...

Incredible! Just wow. I'm SO happy for you!

Gracie said...

I know everybody else has already said this, but you are so awesome! You look great:)

Geosomin said...

Wow - you look amazing!
I'm so glad for you. :)

Anonymous said...

hi how are you doing now? its been a week since your last blog. Hoping your still smiling :>)