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Saturday, January 15, 2011

What I did for New Year's Eve

I'm obviously trying to play catch up. I've been meaning to post these pics to my blog, but kept procrastinating as usual. We spent the evening at a friend's where we enjoyed dinner, played Tanner's new Rock Star Life board game, a bit of Michael Jackson Wii and later popped a few firecrackers/sparklers.

I realize the pictures I’m about to share are not the most flattering in the world. I’m doing my best to follow along with the new Michael Jackson Wii game, but I am a girl with no rhythm and no dance skillz to speak of so let’s just say…I wasn’t a high scorer.

At times, it is still hard to look at pictures because I still see the double chin, the rolls here and there. I still see parts of my body that will probably never be the same even after a date with a killer plastic surgeon. So yes, for a second, I might cringe and contemplate deleting the picture in favor of one that manages to hide those extra bits of flesh that make an appearance more often than not, but then I get caught up in what I’m doing in these pictures.

Am I sitting on the sidelines watching everyone else have fun; living vicariously through them and wishing I could join in the fun? Obviously, that is a big fat NO. I am the one standing up and jockeying for a turn, selecting the song (Don’t stop till you get enough for those that care…btw…it is a LONG ASS SONG so if you are a beginner, I would suggest a different selection) and yes, that is me doing my best to bust a move mindless of the cameras, friends and family watching me and laughing themselves silly. If it looks like I was having a blast it’s because I WAS!


Strike a pose!


Phat, Phorty, and Phunky!


Obviously this choreography was MUCH too complex for my meager dance skillz


My friend Shannon said all I need is the pole and I'd be ready to make some money!


It says it all doesn't it?

And just to show off all the great work Tanner has been doing on his own weight loss. The first picture was taken a year or so ago. He's definitely grown quite a few inches, but he's also dropped about 15-20 lbs. Lookin' good isn't he?



That was how we spent New Year’s Eve. It’s going to be an awesome year guys :)!!


Anonymous said...

I like!

Out of curiosity, are you planning on having a date with plastic surgeon when you're done? I guess it's hard to say at this point, but some people say that they will not consider it at all, and some say they are for sure, and others are on the fence.

I am on the fence myself. Depends on how things shake out. I'm hoping that my semi-youth will work in my favor enough to keep me off the table, but I do want to enjoy my body a little bit after all that hard we'll see I guess.

Ashley said...

You look GREAT and so happy! I love these photos! And tell Tanner that we're all very impressed with his results. What a handsome guy :)

als said...

You look like you're having a wonderful time here! Those are fantastic pictures!

I gave you an award! :D

Christine said...

lookin good hot momma! lol.
You know what I think already. Yeah you!

mandatorybloghere said...

Isnt more fun off the sofa
Keep it up

Gracie said...

Omg! You look GREAT!

Gracie said...

Thank you for all your great feedback. I've actually been reading your blog off and on for years:)

crazyjojo said...

You look pretty. I love your blog!