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Friday, April 3, 2009

Cake for Lunch and other screwups

Hey there. Me again. Just a quick note to say that my eating habits have been kind of crazy this week. I don't know if the lethargy I've been feeling is related to my illness, depression or what, but it is seriously affecting how I'm eating as well. I don't really feel depressed; well, I guess I do a bit, but I think its because I have NO FREAKING ENERGY. I started back at work yesterday, but had to lay down and take a nap right afterwards. When I wake up, I feel a bit more rested, but am still just so physically exhausted so we wind up doing something "easy" for dinner (read take out).

The other thing is...on the days that we eat out at night, I usually have only had a bowl of cereal the entire day so the fat and calories in my evening meal probably equal my daily allotments anyway. I guess I'll see on Monday.

Yesterday was Erik's birthday and he brought home the biggest cake from work the night before PLUS we ordered a smaller chocolate cake from a woman we love here in San Antonio so I actually had cake for lunch yesterday...what is wrong with me?

hmmm, I've been eating crap...I feel like crap...think there's a connection in there somewhere, I just need to figure out what it is.

As for the lethargy, again I'm not sure if its related to my prior illness, but I don't think it's *just* what I've been eating or not eating. I'm going to call my doctor again because some of the heart medication I'm on can cause this too. He actually wanted me to take provigil to counteract it, but I'm already taking so many freaking pills. I may go ahead and try it though because all of a sudden, I feel like I did when i was working the graveyard shift and all I ever wanted to do was sleep (or try to sleep). This just isn't me...I like to be active and doing stuff and I want to get back to the pool..bleh

Comments are welcome :)


attrice said...

I hope you feel better soon. I think the eating crap/feeling like crap can become a vicious cycle, but don't be too hard on yourself. I know that my diet goes all to hell when I feel bad.

Tricia said...

Maybe it's just the sugar crash from all the cake and take-out. I dunno. I feel like I never have any energy too. It sucks. I hope we both get that kick in the pants soon so we can get to it, friend. Good luck! <3

that TOPS lady said...

Well, shame on me but I have a cake mix on my counter that I plan to cook today. A friend is having a birthday and I used that as an excuse to make a cake, when in reality, I really just want cake!

I could have written the post you wrote today. I am tired all the time too. The only meds I am on is propanolol for high blood pressure. I could sleep until kingdom come. Many days I nap. I feel like I am sleeping my life away. And I feel like I am lazy...but I am SO tired!

It seems like my tiredness goes in cycles. I go through a time where it is worse, then it gets better for a while and then repeats.

Anyway, I understand where you are. In my mind, I relate my tiredness to my weight and I have told myself that I will not be nearly as tired once I lose the fat.

I hope you have a good day. Give away the cake or throw it away if you have to. I will do the same (after ONE piece).

WonderLori said...

Which is worse? Cake for lunch or cake for breakfast? I've done that one. Many, many times. To cheer you up, you should watch this:
The language is a little sketchy but funny as all get out!

IRJessica said...

I hate end-of-workday lack of energy. It's my arch nemesis. Its the worst in the winter. I make lots of crock pot meals. I pick out my meat, veggies, and potato or rice and put them in freezer bags. Then on Monday morning, dump bag in crock pot, add water, dinner's ready when I get home. I've been tired lately, I ought to do this even though it's not winter anymore!

IRJessica said...

Also- I didn't know you were in San Antonio. I lived there for six years, left a year and a half ago. They have some goooood restaurants there!! I know what you are fighting! Haha.

Shelley said...

You live in SA?!? I lived there for 9 years! Yum, puffy tacos!!!

I hate lethargy - the physical blah feeling, and the mental blahs that go along with it make for a horrible combination. Feel better soon!

Losing Waist! said...

Hello! Just stopped in for the first time. I see your comments on other blogs, and finally remembered to look at yours!

I wanted to say that the provigil is a big step- I don't know if you know all of the side effects... but it counteracts hormonal birth control and it becomes useless... I don't know if you are on a hormonal birth control (the pill), but that is something to consider. The cost of provigil is out of control too!

Anyway. I have narcolepsy and am pretty familiar with the stimulant family...

I hope you start feel better!