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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Weigh in looked a little sum'n like this...

If only...I stepped on the scale today and I was back down by some miracle. I think I had mentioned a gain of about 7 lbs, I am now within one pound of my lowest weight since starting this diet. That did a little bit to brighten my spirits.

I am doing ok, I hesitate to say better because I'm still struggling. Financially, things are really crazy for us right now. We OWE taxes and have no money so I was stressing about getting them done in time and trying to decide how we were going to pay them. I paid them of course, now I just have to do more budget juggling to pay everything else. My income from my second job hasn't been all that great, but thankfully the month before was a much better month so I'm hoping that will balance everything out.

Now, we just have to figure out where we are going to get the money we need to fix tanner's hearing aid and cochlear and pay for some kind of dental procedure next month. OH! And he needs super expensive shoes (like $500 a pair) and he needs TWO pairs of them because he has wonky feet (one foot is two sizes smaller)...the kids a mess. I'm hoping that I might get some help from the Shriners for that.

Anyway, when it comes to money, I've come to learn that you can only do what you can do. Prioritize and hope the rest pans out. It usually does.

So on top of everything else I shared this has been heaped on all the stress I've been under. I'm still coping with super low energy, but I've managed to get a little activity in using a Biggest Loser DVD. So far, it isn't a bunch, but its something. The YMCA pool opens in just a few weeks and I am SO looking forward to being able to get back there with Tanner. It is just a nice place to go to get him out and around other kids that isn't stressful. I do my laps in the pool, while he swims or shoots down the slides lol.

I've not been doing all that bad when it comes to eating. I typically manage to stay on program for most of the day and if I go off for a meal, I think I manage to stay within my quotas for the day. Guess that explains the loss.

I'm currently waiting for Tanner to get home from school. I"m exhausted and trying not to talk myself out of going somewhere to get some kind of exercise. I'll let you know how it works out tomorrow!!

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Pam said...

Way to go with the weight loss. Good for you! Tax time and budgeting issues can be so stressful. Hang in there. Like you said, it usually all works out in the end.

Rosemary said...

Fight the stress of the tax and financial issues! Don't let them win in the end!

Good luck and congrats on the weight you have already lost!

FranticMommy said...

Good job on the weight loss! I am fighting off the 35 pounds I managed to gain in the last 5 months (stress eating got the best of me). Swimming is a good idea too. I went swimming for the first time in about 15 years and was TERRIFIED to be seen in a swimming suit. But when I got there, it was ok. Everyone looked pretty much like me so I left my t-shirt on and had a ball. Keep up the good work!

Ashley said...

I'm keeping you in my thoughts and hoping that everything will work out for the best sometime soon!

Great job on the weight loss!!

wildfluffysheep said...

*massive hugs*
Hope things pick up for you soon, missus.

Kudos on being that close to your lowest weight so far!

GastricGirl said...

Congrats on the weight loss! I feel for you on the taxes. I owed for the first time ever, and not a small chunk either. And, being the procrastinator I am, I had 24 hours notice on what I had to pay! :( There goes my dent that i had put into paying off credit cards :(

Hang in there, and you're completely right. You can only do what you can do. Keep the roof over your head and feed your family and everything else will fall into place! :)