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Monday, January 4, 2010

2010 Goals & Daily Challenge Request

I'm not going to make any MAJOR goals for this year. I'm simply going to make one general goal that I hope will keep me on track this year. I plan on choosing one thing each day to change or work on that will get me closer to a healthier me. Today, it was calling my bariatric surgeon again. I spoke with my patient advocate there and she has called to get my file out of storage and hopes to get back to me tomorrow or the next day to let me know where we stand. I did learn that while BCBS is still not covering the gastric sleeve, United insurance (my secondary through Erik's employer) is covering it. She said that we may have to file with BCBS first, let them deny it and then move on to United. Part of the reason my surgery stalled last time was because I had to figure out a way to come up with the money for the sleeve vs the RNY which would have been covered by my insurance at the time.

The last time I saw my surgeon, he recommended that I get the sleeve first, lose about 100 lbs with that, then go in and do the RNY laparoscopically. He suggested this for a few reasons. First of all, my size...I'm definitely fatter than most patients they work on. He didn't think that he could do the RNY laparoscopically because of my size and doing it via an open incision was a much riskier procedure. However, he did think that he could do the sleeve laparoscopically if I could lose about 40-60 lbs prior to surgery (to give him some room to work).

Additionally, you typically have a window of time after WLS where you are primed to lose the most weight. Usually it lasts about 18 months. After that, it becomes more difficult to get the weight off. My surgeon explained that he expected me to be able to lose enough to get down to about 250 lbs with ONE surgery. However, if I had the sleeve, lost 100 lbs and then went back and got the RNY (which he could do laparoscopically at this point), he expected that he could get me down to my goal weight of (he said 130, but I think that's ridiculous) 165-170 (My own personal goal weight...Im a big boned gal). Honestly, if I could get down to between 225 and 250, I'd be happy. If you look at my skinniest pictures here, I was around 220-230, but I doubt anyone would have guessed me at over 200. I was very fit at the time, able to do just about anything i wanted...I'd be happy to get back there for sure. Of course, If I can get down to a REAL skinny size for the first time in my life, I'm not stopping at 220 that's for sure.

My personal plan is to have the sleeve procedure done and work my arse off to get as much weight off as I can and get as healthy as I can (physically) and see where I'm at. If I'm losing weight with the sleeve and like how I'm doing, I may not have the RNY done. Personally, I'd rather work my ass off and save another surgical procedure to get all the plastic surgery I'm going to need to get my body looking normal again after all this weight loss.

So, short term goals:

*start increasing my activity level to get my body and heart in as good a shape as I can to prepare for surgery.
*Monitor my food intake using to facilitate the 40-60 lb weight loss I'm going to need to have for surgery
*be diligent in following up with my advocate and doctor to get the surgery done.

I plan also on blogging regularly no matter how boring and tedious it might get. I know I experienced the best success when I was blogging and reading your blogs for inspiration so expect to hear more from me this month!

So what's with the picture of the empty jar up at the top of this post you might be wondering? I had kind of a brain storm yesterday that I thought I'd introduce on my blog today. I have been kicking around an idea of having you guys give me a daily challenge. Maybe take daily suggestions that I could choose from (maybe even keep a jar that I pull from daily) which I would then report on in my blog. For instance...say you guys leave me some suggestions today...I will write them down and put them in my jar...tomorrow I'll pull something from the jar and DO whatever is written on that piece of paper. It could be something as simple as "Walk to the mailbox and back," "walk up and down your staircase once just for the exercise," "give Tanner a big ol' embarrassing MOM kiss," "Say something nice about yourself in your blog tomorrow" get the idea. It could really be ANYTHING with the goal of keeping me focused on a healthier and happier me (as you can see...yesterday, I was back to feeling sorry for myself). I kind of like the interactive nature of the whole idea and I think it will really help keep me focused on doing something positive for myself each day. Maybe I'll even start to incorporate pictures of me taking your challenge (I warn you though...most days I look like complete crap makeup, hair blown dry with no special fixin'etc). What do you think? Stupid idea or worth trying? If you think it's stupid....keep that info to yourself..I'm trying to stay positive here. If you think it's worth trying, please leave me a challenge that I can start adding to my challenge jar! If you want to make a challenge jar with me, let me know and I'll come and leave a challenge on your blog too :) Every day, feel free to add more challenges and i'll keep adding them to my jar.

Ok, now i have to get to work. Thanks for reading and see you tomorrow :)

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Megan said...

I love the idea! My challenge is 20 arm circles in each direction!

Mzchef said...

Great idea! You can do it! My challenge is stretching morning and night. xxoo

Lolly said...

Yay to a great 2010!! We can do this. We can take the weight off and be healthy and happy. I don't comment often, but read your blogs regularly.


Lolly said...

oh...and my challenge to you is to look at yourself in the mirror at least 3 times in one day and say to your self "I love you. You are worth it."

Casandra said...

Great idea! I have two challenges for you.
1. Before you go to bed, name 10 things you are thankful for.
2. At least twice a day, put on some happy music and move your body/ chair dace/etc. anyway you want until the song ends. Get super silly and enjoy it!

I would love to join you!

Laurie said...

I think this jar is an awesome idea! My challenge for you...make 1 strong willpower decision about an unhealthy food item. Meaning...when you feel like grabbing the M&M's, say to yourself "no. my challenge today is to say no to M&Ms". :D I expect to find out what food it is you said no to when my challenge is pulled from the jar!!

Tamzin said...

Awesome goals - and I think that your plan for hte sleeve first and see what you can do before another surgery is a solid plan, and a healthy one too!

My challenege....

15 wall pushups

1 minute of sitting with eye closed, deep breathing through your nose and relaxing

Here is to us all getting healthier in 2010!

Anonymous said...

I love the idea of a daily challenge and would love to help! I also want you to blog often so you can receive lots of support.

A few ideas for your jar:

Start writing your food down to see what you eat

Increase your water consumption

Put a dollar (or any amount) in a jar for every lb lost

Treat yourself as well you I know you treat others!


karen said...

Good luck . And just keep moving. Instead of standing by the stove or micowave waiting for something to boil. Move around , dance , whiggle , stretch. I put a stationary bike the living room . I ride it 2 miles a day while watching tv. Cross your fingers I keep it up and I know we can do it.

Anonymous said...

Having discovered your blog, I am sending positive brain waves your way. I want you so much to succeed. Here is my challenge: each time you go into the kitchen for anything, stand in front of the sink, grasp the counter and push yourself back and forth 10 times,

Anonymous said...

Since you work from home, at least one day a week, make the effort when you get up in the morning to put on makeup and style your hair as if you were going out to meet someone.

I assume you don't already do this, becuase if I was working from home, I would not even be getting out of the p.j.'s LOL

I would think making yourself feel pretty on Monday morning, could help set the tone for the week. You are so worth it!

Good luck to you. Maxine.

Anonymous said...

You might not be able to do it yet because of weight limits, but I would DEFINITELY recommend investing in a balance ball at some point in the future. I got one for Christmas and holy cow, it works your abs. The idea is that you have to constantly shift your weight around to stay in balance and so it works your core muscles- I just use it as a chair and voila, pseudo-exercise while writing papers :)

Anonymous said...

My mom had her surgery November 3rd. I think it will be wonderful for you.

My challenges for your jar:

Sit on the couch and raise yourself into a standing position five times.

Walk around the block.

Walk the perimeter of your local shopping mall.

Ten jumping jacks.

Lay down on the floor and get back up three times.

Phone your best friend and tell them you love them.

Step up on a step 15 times.

Do 15 pushups against the counter.