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Saturday, January 16, 2010

I'm back

Hey all. Sorry for going private for a few days, but I've really been struggling with whether or not to continue the blog as it is. Nobody has put any pressure on me to do this, certainly not Erik. I just have really, for several months now, been trying to evaluate my motivation for discussing some of the most personal aspects of my blog; namely information that pertains to other people. I realize that many feel blogging should be transparent and in regards to struggle to lose weight, etc I am willing to be as transparent as possible. I just think that I'm having a crisis of conscience when it comes to discussing things that involve other people who did NOT sign up for this blog. I don't necessarily think that aspect is fair.

So, what I have started to do and will continue to do is delete references to various aspects of the life I share with Erik and Tanner and other family members. In the future, I will probably refrain from commenting on the most personal aspects of our life. I know that my readers will already have that background, but I am no longer comfortable having it "out there" where it might cause possible harm to those I love and care for.

To tell you the truth...I'm not sure what this will mean for future entries. I may sound rather bland initially as I try to find a new "voice" that isn't quite as open as it has been in the past. I know that you will understand though :)

Again, my apologies for disappearing for a week or so. Looking forward to posting again though. BTW, I just got on the treadmill for 5 minutes lol! I barely made it, but I think I may try for another five on my lunch break :)


Diana said...

I'm so glad you're back. I checked on you every day and felt sad. Kind of like losing a friend.

Anyway, your posts will NEVER be bland, because you're just not like that. No worries there. :)

I think you're probably making a wise choice. Even if none of the people read it that you're worried might read it, you still have the worry. Not worth it.

I can't wait to read future posts about your life, how you're doing, how you're changing and evolving. I know it will be interesting. :)

cmoursler said...

Glad to see your back.
I actually went to cache on google to see your final post before you went private, to see what happened. When I read it I understood.
You have to protect your family.
It's completely understandable.
I'll be reading.

Proud Wifey And Mommii of 3 said...

So glad to see you back.

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you're back! I can certainly understand and respect if you choose not to blog about sensitive issues. If you feel comfortable, keep blogging about weight so we can support you.

Congratulations on walking on the treadmill; you did just great! When I first started I couldn't go five minutes. Keep up the good work.

I think you're such a good writer; I'll keep reading even if you need to change the subject matter, but I will miss hearing about Tanner.

Take care.


KrysTros said...

This blog is all about you and you can do and say whatever or what little info that you please. I, too, leave out so much of what is a big part of what's affecting my life right now but like you said, it's just not right to drag the one's you love who didn't ask for it, into it. Look forward to seeing more posts from you and glad you are back!

Anonymous said...

Glad your back. I hope you have somewhere else to blog (or someone to talk) as you work thru those sensitive issues. You didn't sign up for those just as they didn't sign up for this blog.

You are a very strong woman. I'm rooting for you!


gettingandstayinghealthy said...

Totally get it. I ended up abandoning my first blog and creating another anonymous log.

utmolly said...

I'm so happy that your blog is back! I love you and your blog :)
Keep up the good work, Michelle!!!

- Molly

nancy said...

I do understand what your relaying to us. I don't share personal things I wouldn't tell a relative. I talk mostly about my strengths and struggles. Find what works for you.

Laurie ( said...

Hi there.. there is no way that your posts will ever be bland. It's just not possible! I've enjoyed reading your posts for over a year, and feel really connected to you! I hope all goes well with your upcoming surgery. This is your therapy... you need it, and I hope that you continue to post, even if all names are changed to protect! :)