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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Elvis was Gay and other epiphanies I had today

Yeah, I was thinking about things today. TGT (the gay thing) has been on my mind a lot lately. The post on grief I made the other day was mostly about having some of some feelings resurface in regards to tgt that I thought I had dealt with. I'm still dealing with them actually, trying to sort through them and see where I stand after this round. BTW, the "date" the other night? He ended up going back the next night, but the more I hear about this guy, the more I'm of the hoping Erik has better taste lol. Apparently this guy has a few issues, collects teddy bears, has hoarder tendencies, etc. Again, I'm not all that encouraged by the gay men that seem to be popping up more and more in Erik's life. They all have serious issues (let's pretend I don't have a blog where I out my own serious issues to the universe for the moment ok?). I'm guessing it probably has a lot to do with having to live your life in a society that isn't always all the welcoming to homosexuals. I don't know, but I would think that there has to be some decent gay men out there for Erik to play with right?

Anyway, I got to thinking about Elvis today after reading some article on Adam Lambert's version of "Ring of Fire" making some countdown for 2009. I know it was Johnny Cash that sang the song, but Adam kind of looked a bit like Elvis when he sang it...just giving you the architecture of my train of thought here... And it dawned on me...ELVIS WAS GAY! It makes complete and total sense. All the weird crazy crap in his life can be easily explained by the fact that he was gay. Think about it...he basically gave Priscilla her own makeover, quickly got her pregnant and then used the whole "I can't see you as a mother sexually anymore" excuse to never have sex with her again. I would think it would also explain his kind of tortured psyche. It is weird thinking I may have something in common with Priscilla...too bad it isn't her amazing figure and gorgeous eyes (said in a totally non-lesbian way).

Speaking of, I chose "Tamzin's" suggestion to do 15 wall pushups. I actually did three sets of 15, howz that for a good start? I LOVED all the suggestions I've had so far and am looking for an actual jar to use. I may end up using a vase or something pretty, I'll take a picture when I get it all made up. I'm going to start making Tanner choose too lol. We'll see how that goes. PLEASE don't stop with the suggestions. I loved reading them as they came in and it really was kind of fun to choose one today.

I contacted the bariatric center today too just to see if they got my file in. She expects it tomorrow. I'll give her a few days and if I haven't heard from her by the end of the week, I'll give her a call. One thing I did learn that kind of saddened me was that they shut down Weightwise which was the place I used to go to see my doctor. That was where they had the fitness center geared towards super sized people. I'm going to ask my advocate if they have anything like it in another facility here. I know they had at least one other location. Hopefully they just downsized, but I think the other facility was quite a distance for me. Now that we are down to one car, it makes getting to the YMCA impossible (or almost impossible).

Alrighty, have to go spend time with Tanner before working a few more hours then bed.

Don't forget to Challenge me today!! Comment below :)


Mzchef said...

How about drinking 8 glasses of water daily? Maybe 1 glass of water for non-water beverage consumed?

Tamzin said...

WOOHOO! I'm famous! ;)

That is great news... infact... I'm going to join you with the wall pushups too. I need to add in some upperbody workout with my running


Anonymous said...


My Big Fat Super Super Obese Blog said...

mzchef: Great challenge, thanks for that.

Tamzin: hehe, yes you are VERY famous as the first person who got my arse moving in 2010!!

Anonymous: I'm sorry, but I'm afraid i have to disagree with you. Why don't you give me a really evil challenge as penance?

cmoursler said...

lol, well elvis may or may not have been gay...but rock hudson def. was.
Here's a challenge.
write 10 great things about yourself and post them around the house.

Anonymous said...

My challenge is to acknowledge your amazing strength and resilience! You blow my mind every time I read your blog with what you have to deal with!!!

Take care of yourself!

Diana said...

Wow, you may be on to something with the Elvis was gay thing. It totally makes sense.

Sorry you're struggling with this gay thing with Erik. I know it must be really difficult for you.

There are a lot of nice gay men out there. I work for an airline so I work with several. It's true a lot of them seem to have issues, but heck, don't we all have issues? :)

Take care and glad you're getting in some exercise. Every little bit helps.

Anonymous said...

How about walking around your house for 60 seconds once or twice today? I know walking is probably tiring; so definitely start small.

Also remind yourself that Erik is not the only one who can date new people! You never know who might be in your future; so be hopeful.


KrysTros said...

Get a small set of weights, starting with 1 or 2 lbs and when you are sitting at your desk working, stop every hour and do some lifts over your head for a minute.

Megan S said...

I'm going to go with:
Really make effort on your appearance. Hair, makeup, your favorite clothes- even if you're not leaving the house!
This one almost always sets me up for a better day!

mandatorybloghere said...

I remember Cybil Sheppard on a talk show and she dated Elvis for a while she said he was a very good lover and liked to eat out a lot at the Y and I remember Ann Margeret concurring when they asked her about Cybil's comment. So if he was gay he was good at playing straight. I think his issues came more from losing his mother so early

My Big Fat Super Super Obese Blog said...

chris: that is probably going to be one of the hardest challenges for me to do!

Anonymous: thanks for your kind comments. Sometimes I think the only thing keeping me around is my son. Having him has gotten me through the hardest parts and given me reason to go on when I was I was absolutely devastated.

Diana: I know there are some nice gay men out there, I think one of the incidental things of being a straight spouse is becoming a homophobe of sorts. I may explore this more in a blog post.

TS: Another great suggestion and One I'll do today! I know that I can date too, but I'm not anywhere near ready.

Krys: another great suggestion thanks!

Megan: I am trying to get better about this. Today I managed a shower and styled my hair.

Tammy: I know, I've heard all that before too. I can honestly tell you that Erik was pretty skilled as well, but there was always that disconnect that I could sense which really made it difficult for me to completely connect with him. If I had never found out about his sexuality, I probably would have said the same thing about him.