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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

BLAST my inadequate food journaling!!!

Ok, so I woke up today and I am STILL at 347! I've been stalled for what 3-4 weeks now and I'm not lovin' it! I stay positive most of the time, but darnit! I want to get into the 330's!!

So, I looked at my food journal. Lately I haven't been putting in certain things like the coffee I have in the morning with agave nectar and this belgian toffee creamer thing Erik got and hated. I figured I'd go ahead and use it in my coffee, how bad could it be? I eat so little, a "little" (I don't really measure, but I like my coffee creamy so it's probably more than the average bear)creamer in my coffee and a "dash" (i usually take the top off and pour a little "gloop" of agave into my cup) of agave nectar. I think there may have been a little voice in my head saying "Micheeeelllleee, you may want to rethink your creamer and sweetener choice or at least post it in your food log" but nay...I ignored this voice. My morning cup of coffee is my little piece of heaven...I was really enjoying this whole combination of belgian chocolate toffee flavored goodness mixed with the no-aftertaste agave. *sigh*

So, today I decided to go ahead and log my coffee concoction just to see if it might be the reason I'm stalling and lo and behold, it may very well be the reason I'm maintaining. I figured 2 tblsp of agave (not sure if I actually use that much or not, but I will sheepishly admit that it probably isn't out of the realm of possibility) is 120 mother freaking calories and 26 fracking carbs!!! Then I moved onto the serving is 4 tsp and I would say that is a very modest estimate for how much I put in my coffee. Cha-Ching! This adds another 60 calories and another 9 carbs. I basically drank and entire day's worth of carbs people!

I can't really think of anything else that I'm doing that might be impacting my weight loss right now so I'm going to start with my coffee (probably using almond milk or heavy cream...which has fewer carbs than creamer or lighten it up and truvia to add a little sweetener and I will LOG it in my journal. Hopefully this is the problem and we'll see better numbers next week, but let this be a lesson to all my fellow diet kiddies out there...JOURNAL EVERYTHING YOU PUT IN YOUR MOUTH!

Apart from not losing anything in several weeks, I must say that I am looking pretty darn FABULOUS! I'll try to get some pictures taken even though there probably isn't much change from the last group.


Trisha said...

maintaining sucks! BUT at least you figured out one thing that might be holding you in that place!! Keep your chin up!! You will get there... one less coffee at a time ;)

*Christie* said...

I went through some of this too but I had to remind myself (and am now reminding you) that maintaining is an accomplishment too :) We've never been able to do that before, right? Maintaining our loss is actually a big deal because when we're done, we have to maintain for the rest of our lives. The losing part is a year or two, and maintaining is for life. So if you know how to maintain, then you are set up for long term success! :)

My Big Fat Super Super Obese Blog said...

Trisha: Thanks girlie! Yeah maintaining is so much better than gaining. I was down a pound this morning so hopefully changing the coffee routine will keep the momentum going.

Christie: that is a GREAT perspective on the whole maintaining business! One of these days maintaining is going to be my goal so its great to know I can do that. I honestly NEVER thought about it that way!

*Christie* said...

Thanks for the response both here and on my own blog. I am really glad what I said helped you :) It was a good piece of encouragement that my hubby gave me when I was freaking out about being in a plateau for so long. It's really true!!