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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Michelle's Recipe for SUPER FREAKING HARD boiled eggs.

This just in... I can't cook.

Michelle's Recipe for SUPER HARD boiled eggs:
1. Fill perfectly good pan with water.
2. Add eggs.
3. Place on stove on medium high.
4. Distract yourself with something for the next two hours.
5. Remove from stove when eggs start exploding and smoke alarms start going off.
6. Toss pan and eggs in the trash.

Nutritional information: Zero calories, Zero carbs, Zero Fat (unless you are gross and actually eat them)

I won't be adding this to my Bitchin' Kitchen!


Anonymous said...

hahahahahaa!! This is such an awesome post! There have been so so many times where I have burnt something thanks to distraction! I love that you actually posted it!! next time I will so take a pic and post my mishap!!!!

Ice Queen said...

Bwhahahahaha! My sistah in the kitchen!

My brothers always tell me I am the only person they know who can burn water. :D

My Big Fat Super Super Obese Blog said...

Trisha: My favorite person to make fun of is myself lol! This is at least the third pot I've torched, but I'm actually not a bad cook when I'm paying attention :)

Ice Queen: Burn water! LOL. Guess I have that recipe mastered myself ;)

Honib1 said...

okay i had to comment on this.. that was funny.. because I have done the same thing only my eggs did not explode.. lol... I once did it with chili sauce and the lid actually flew off the pot.. we must learn to stay with our food until it is cooked all the way .. .lol..