My Progress!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Weigh in. I am no longer stalled!

I had Erik snap a picture of me yesterday and thought I'd share it. Not a huge change since my last round of pictures, but I'm slowly getting happier about what I see staring back at me!

When I stepped on the scale this morning I was at 338!! I'm really loving THAT! I honestly don't think I've been this weight since 2000? Just amazing! Hopefully the coffee calamity I discovered last week was the problem and now that I've adjusted things, I'll keep losing at a regular pace. I'm a bit behind my goal due to the three week stall. I was supposed to be closer to 319 by about this time, but I'm just happy to be losing again!

I'm looking forward to the TV interview this Thursday. If there is an online version I can share with you (and I haven't said anything to embarrass myself, I'll share it with you!). Still need to decide what to wear.

Before I know it, Monday will be here and Tanner and I will be off to Indiana to see our family! I can't wait :) Hopefully we won't annoy them too much. The only downside to visiting family is I've begun to fantasize and crave all my childhood favorites. My grandfather makes these amazing homemade noodles that we usually spoon over mashed potatoes...yes, that is nothing but carbs, carbs and more carbs. Seriously, they are delicious. I may have to allow myself some at some point. I'll just have to make a small batch because they are definitely a trigger for a binge.

I'm not going to sweat what I eat while I'm up there too much. I didn't want my aunt stressing about making me low carb options when I can only take about 5 bites at any meal. As long as I'm not grazing all day, I don't think I can do too much damage. I'll try to make as many good choices as I can and indulge a bit on Thanksgiving.

How are you guys planning on getting through Thanksgiving without wrecking your diet?


Ice Queen said...

Noodles. Over mashed potatoes? Now, that is one I have never tried. And I have tried a lot of things. lol

I am so glad that your stall is over and you are on the downward track, once again. You are doing so well and I am happy for you. :D

*Christie* said...

Congrats on breaking the stall! I think your body just needed an adjustment period... I really don't think it was your coffee :)
I'm not too worried about Thanksgiving. There's turkey - lean protein! And I'll probably have merely a couple bites of mac and cheese, green beans, pumpkin pie. They key is don't eat more than you would at another meal and don't take all the leftovers home :) I am going to be making a few WLS friendly sidedishes/appetizers like deviled eggs and who knows what else... plan to get some ideas from eggface's blog :)

Enjoy your vacation and you have the right idea - don't graze all day, stick to your portions, get protein first at MOST meals but a small treat here and there is ok. Live like a normal thin person :)


Diana said...

I can totally see a difference in your face. You're glowing and you're smiling. You look so happy! Plus, you're really pretty. I'm loving watching you shrink. :)

Thanks for the line for the fish market. The prices are really reasonable, as well as the shipping costs. I can't wait to order something.

Those noodles sound too good. A few might be okay, but if you binge won't you get sick? It doesn't seem worth it, does it? Love the family...not the food. :)

mandatorybloghere said...

well be careful if cream in your coffee sets you back i cant imagine what noodles and mashed would do maybe you will be so busy and happy see everyone you wont feel the temptation

Tammy said...

Holy crap a 9 lb loss in one week???? AWESOME!!! Sorry I can't help you with a plan for Thanksgiving....I haven't formulated one yet. :)

eatthedamncupcake said...

I see the difference in your face! :) I don't really have a plan for this Thanksgiving, although my husband and I did agree to just skip potatoes and just have cornbread stuffing. That's fine with me because I'd rather have extra stuffing. ;)