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Sunday, January 2, 2011

First Date: YES! It happened lol.

Well, I had my first date since forever last night. It was with a nice guy named John and yes, we met on a dating site. It was a bit strange because I talked to Erik about it of course. Initially, Erik seemed kind of strange, but I think he just had to get used to the idea. I think he may have just been a bit worried for my safety maybe? I have no illusions that he is having second thoughts about our marriage and staying together, but he seemed a bit...I don't know...weirded out initially.

Anyway, we have been talking back and forth via email and text and he seems like a nice guy, he’s funny, educated, etc so we figured “Why not? If nothing else we make a new friend.” So, we met up last night at a place near where I live…it is kind of a bar, but a cool kind of hangout place, people go to drink the beer they brew onsite, etc. I had never been, but am looking forward to going back again.

I was strangely not all that nervous; not as nervous as I thought I might be going on a date after 16 years of marriage lol. I enjoyed getting ready and a friend came over to give me her opinion on what to wear. I ultimately settled on a cute black top that had kind of a band of beading under the breast and along the bottom of the top, a pair of jean capri’s and a cute pair of black peep toe shoes to show off my fresh pedicure ;) When I arrived I was pleasantly surprised to see he was better looking than his pictures. Not that he looked bad in his profile pics, but he was dressed nicely and came up and gave me a big hug. We found a table and ordered a few appetizers, a few drinks and sat and talked about 3 hours straight.

We really have an amazing amount of things in common: we both love music and live music events, we both have gone to college and he even has a masters. At some point, he considered going into a pharmD program, but has seriously considered going back to school to get his license as a physician’s assistant (both things I’ve considered). We both have a very similar sense of humor as well which is nice because I love to laugh. He also is a very active dad which I like. He has one child in high school and two in middle school (twins). Believe it or not, we’ve discussed the unusual circumstances of my “marriage,” the fact that I’m still married on paper and it doesn’t seem to bother him (at least outwardly). About the only thing that was kind of a turn off was the fact that he seems to be kind of a homebody like Erik. I’d really like to find someone who enjoys getting out more, living more of an active lifestyle, etc.

Anyway, when it was over, he walked me to my car, gave me another hug and even texted me later when he got home to say what a good time he’d had. There is talk of a “next time” so we’ll see what happens.

At this point, I’m not sure what I do. Do I call him or wait for him to call me? I don’t want to play games, but I also don’t want to make some dating error lol. Remember, I’m pretty much a novice when it comes to this kind of thing. I definitely am not all that interested in anything serious right now; I think I’ve decided that once and for all, but it is kind of fun to get out with someone so I may keep my options open when it comes to dating.


Book Lady said...

Well I am extremely excited and geeked out for you! I wished we lived closer to each other! :(

My advice is simple. Go with your gut instincts. Call him if you think it wouldn't freak him out, but if you choose to wait..don't wait too long. :) I know I'm vague that way lol

Anyway..congrats lady! :)

Ice Queen said...

Yay, you! Getting out there. Even if this guy isn't the future love of your life, it sounds as if you had a really nice time, possibly made a great new friend and got your feet wet.

Congratulations on taking this big first step. :D

purple_moonflower123 said...

Awesome that you are getting back out there. I don't have any dating advice, as it has been over 10 years, but go with your gut. It sounds like he will do the calling though. Even if it doesn't become a "relationship", I think that it is a good experience to get out there, date and have fun. ;-)

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Wow! Look at you. I think its cool to text him again that you had a good time and let him go from there.

Ro said...

Ive been reading your blog and enjoying it very much..

COngrats on everything in your life.

Can I ask you what dating site you met this man on.I find it hard on dating sites because of the weight

Anonymous said...

was happy to see this blog on your first date. Now im wondering are you still doing ok . time to blog us again missing you :>)