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Monday, May 9, 2011

I'm a Rock Star!

I got up this morning, got dressed, made coffee, grabbed my ipod and headed for my neighborhood street. As I turned on the ipod and selected “shuffle,” the big DJ in the sky greeted me with one of my favorite Kick-ass-and-take-no-prisoners song “So What” by Pink. It was giving me permission to thumb my nose at this last weekend and get on with my life.

Then Adele came on lol…that girl is awesome, but I warn you, if you are nursing a broken heart, lock up the razor blades. Ironically, I didn’t feel the ache I thought I would when I heard her again. I’ve had an entire weekend to get some perspective and I think I’m ok with where I am right now. Every day, I’m feeling exponentially better about a number of things. I realize that may sound crazy considering the Pit of Despair I was in Friday, but with my history I think one of the traits that has gotten me through (apart from my sense of humor) is my ability to shake off the dust fairly quickly (for the most part), assess the situation and form a game plan. I’m not saying I won’t revisit some of the feelings I was going through Friday, but I think I’m slowly sorting through the last 6 months or at least beginning to.

So what is my game plan? Here are some things I’ve thought about the last few days:

1. NO MORE WINE! If I go out, I may have a drink, but no more wine will come into this house. I may not be an alcoholic right this very second, but I’m easily teetering on the ledge. Over the weekend, I found myself self-medicating with alcohol. I had a cupcake or two as well, but for the most part, alcohol was my go-to mind-numbing agent of choice…I realize it, I’m acknowledging it, I’m kicking its ass to the curb. I refuse to trade morbid obesity for life as a wino :P
2. NO MORE RELATIONSHIPS: For the next year, I will not get into any relationships. I won’t seek them out for damn sure. No more dating sites, no more flirting when the situation presents itself. Even if I happen to meet someone that seems interesting or “interested” I’m not giving myself permission to date for at least the next year. I don’t think it is any coincidence that I not only have plateaued to some degree over the last 6 months, but actually went back and forth, gaining and losing the same 7 lbs. It was like my body was trying like hell to get that armor back on. Thank god I was able to keep it in check to some extent. Today I stepped on the scale to see “300” again. I’ll be back in the 200’s by this time next week.
3. NO MORE HALF ASSED ACCOUNTABILITY: Back to logging my food and tracking my exercise and back to blogging every day (of course because I’ve added that last part, you won’t hear from me for the next month). At the very least I will get on to account for what I did or didn’t do, even if I don’t have anything worthwhile to say.

So for now, three simple rules. I checked the calendar last night and I have exactly (well almost exactly) 8 weeks until my first surgiversary. I am currently 35 lbs from hitting the 200 lb total lost mark (465-300=165 lbs lost so far). I realize it is rather lofty to attempt to lose 35 lbs in 8 weeks, especially when I discussed revisiting my demons on Friday. One might be concerned that I was planning to starve myself, but one shouldn’t be. I’m going to cut down on how much I’m eating but only because I’ve been grazing too much which is why I think I’ve plateaued for so long. I’m going back to three meals a day and when I feel like it, replacing one of those meals with a protein shake. Yesterday I managed to do this. I wanted one of those chocolate chip cookie dough cupcakes in the fridge, but I made it through the day without one so YAY me :) These are basically the guidelines my doctor gave me after the surgery so this isn’t about me punishing myself with deprivation (which was typically how the bulimic cycle would start).

I’m also going to kick up the exercise quite a bit. I got my walk in this morning and I really want to make my boot camp class tonight…geez I wish it was a bit earlier than 7pm though. I have to take Erik to work and pick him back up at 12:30 so I can have the car and then I get up at 6am for my morning walk. Here’s hoping that improving my diet will give me the energy I need to keep hauling my ass out of bed at 6 every morning.

Well, I suppose I should get to work now. I plan to be here same time tomorrow. Let’s see where I’m at by then :) And, in the words of Pink, my parting words for this past weekend are, "Ba da da da da da, ppphhhllbbb!" :P


Laura said...

Good luck!!! You can do it!!
You have come this far, you can continue with your weight loss journey..

Cindarella said...

You are a ROCK STAR!!! look how much weight you have lost... you gave me inspiration this morning... I just started trying to lose weight and am Happy to find so many wonderful women that are on the same page!!! You keep up the great work!

Christine said...

you may or may not lose 35 pounds in 8 weeks...more important is the fact that you are going to put your health first...Your weight will come off. And many morbidly obese people who get bypass trade in one addiction for another...because the weight was a symptom not the issue. just like being passed out with excessive drinking...or simply using alcohol to mask feelings is a symptom of an issue. I think this is why people who lose vast amounts of weight who DIDN'T have bypass, put theweight back on...because the issue didn't dissolve with the weight. And on the way down..they didn't take care of the issue. Good brother..I am writing a blog post. I'll go now. Good on you for recognizing it and dealing with it. Keep up the good work.

Val said...

I LOVE that song *and* Adele. Great minds and all that right? ;)

You are doing so awesome! Keep up the great work :)

George said...

I know exactly what you mean. Some days are so frustrating. I just lost over 30 pounds and am now yo yoing ... 'er!