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Friday, September 11, 2009

Breathe In......and Breathe Out...... (preferably in between sips of some really good Rum)

I was totally going to do a feel good post today. I had even started listing stuff I had to be thankful for, then my day began to unravel. I got a call 4 minutes before work was over that took about an hour to take care of. Meanwhile, I have dinner in the crockpot that needed some finishing touches; I had also planned to try mock mashed potatoes with it, but it was obvious that was not going to happen this time around. Needless to say, this phone call put me an hour behind schedule. Just as I was logging out of work, I get IM’d by someone regarding some scheduling drama that I won’t go into, but it was a rather stressful conversation that left me feeling as if some might have felt I was taking advantage of “the system” when I was just doing things the way I was told *sigh*.

I finally get past that, and move on to trying to scan this behemoth of a document to send to the lawyers and realize my printer only wants to cooperate ONE.MOTHERFREAKING.PAGE.AT.A.TIME. The document I’m trying to scan in is about 70 pgs long. Seeing as I’m not into self-torture, I decide to fax instead. While I’m coping with all this, I hear Tanner and Erik get home from a doctor’s appointment. Apparently Tanner is perseverating on downloading something for his xbox 360 so that he can play a regular xbox game (he got his games back today after earning them back) so of course he expects the world to come to a STOP while we fix it. Anyway, you get the picture. We finally figure out that we can’t get this game to work on the xbox 360 and erik heads downstairs to finish up dinner.

In the meantime, I heard back on the third job I applied for asking me to schedule some time I can be shadowed (work with someone watching me like a hawk) so I went ahead and scheduled about 20 hours next week. This is 20 in addition to the 40 at my main job and the 10 I work each night at my second job. I know it’s insane, but with lawyers to pay, I really don’t have a choice.

Then I come down to find that Erik has dumped an entire bag of egg noodles into MY low carb crock pot meal :( Somebody hold me…. In all fairness to him, his brain is just as scrambled as mine and he did go and meticulously pick out all the noodles in my serving, but ARRRRGGGH.

Breathe in…….Breathe out……..and go to my happy place. In case you were wondering, my happy place happens to be on the beach. I’m about 150 lbs in my happy place so I look Smokin’ HOT in a tiny little red bikini. My body is completely immune to the effects of gravity so my chi-chi’s are pert and happy to be kissed by the sun, Breathe in……….Breathe out……….I open my eyes, lowering my sunglasses a bit to look up into the beautiful eyes of Jeffrey Dean Morgan who happens to be moonlighting as my cabana boy, isn’t that nice of him? He brings me the tastiest foo foo drink he has and sits down beside me to massage my tense muscles and doesn’t even try to stop after the first 5 minutes! *sigh* It’s a very happy place.

I feel a little better, but it could have something to do with the xanax I took about an hour ago. On the upside…I lost another pound today so I’m down about 8 lbs since Monday? I stuck to my diet, but need to start working some walking into my schedule. That’s the next thing I’ll tackle.

As for what I’m thankful for; I’m thankful that we were lucky enough to find some pretty amazing educational lawyers several years ago and I’m thankful that they are going to do all this work for ONLY $300.00 (at least through the hearing on Monday). I’m thankful that I had some money tucked away; even though it was the bankruptcy money and this is the third time I’ve managed to save it up only to have to spend it on something else. At least we were able to hire the lawyers as I do not want to do this hearing on my own Monday.

I’m REALLY thankful that Erik just got home from the store with a HUGE bottle of Vodka and Rum! I’m making a low carb cheesecake with a low carb chocolate rum ganache for poker night tomorrow at the Ochoa’s. Apparently, they were having a sale at the liquor store and miracles of miracles, Erik picked out two liquors with 0 carb count. Woohoo, party at Chez V! Who am I kidding, we’ll probably have one drink and be in bed by 8PM.

I’m also thankful for the new Imogen Heap album that always seems to put a smile on my face when I listen to it; Particularly this song at the moment. This one is pretty good too. I’m also loving this song by Iron and Wine. I love music and I really love that a really great song can transform my mood; even if its only for 3 minutes 37 seconds. The effect usually lasts a bit longer afterwards. What are you guys listening to? What songs do you put on when you need a pick me up or need to escape for a few minutes?

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Tammy said...

Wow! 8 lbs since Monday?? I'm so incredibly jealous...way to rock it girl! I'm glad you found your happy place. :)

cmoursler said...

awesome!!! Great job on the weight at the noodles. Low carb can be hard. Glad your doing it and hanging in there. Keep it up.
lol my word ver is shaper.

Tatersmama said...

Wow! That's fantastic about the loss since Monday! Good for you girl!

Music? Ahhh... that always depends on my mood, and I guess I listen to just about everything at some time or another. I love Iron and Wine, but right now, my tastes run to Leon Redbone, CSN&Y, Creedance, Big Band stuff and lots of Bluegrass...

Book Lady said...

You're super awesome! Oh hey..if you are looking to try and get some exercise in your busy schedule..I had an offer to review (i think that's the address) you download a little yahoo gadget and it pops up with little reminders and exercises to get up and do. You can set it for 5 min, 10, etc.

Feeling Fit With Dana said...

Congrats on the 8 lb loss!! You seem to have a LOT of stress! I'm glad you have your happy place to go to. Sounds similar to mine ;)

Music is a great motivator for me. I love to put music on and just dance around the house. Nothing like a mood changer at all. I love all kinds of music. I'm into 33 Miles, love old 70's music and got the new Colbie Calliat.

jennie.newland said...

You are the bravest person that I have ever met! Congrats on the 8#! I commend you for sharing your struggles with us all, it helps to know that its not easy for others to lose weight also! I'm praying for you, and wish you much success! Dropping by from SITS! Happy SITS Saturday!

♥ Teresa ♥ said...

Thanks so very much for stopping by my blog! I absolutely LOVE to meet new bloggers, especially fun people like you.

First of all, CONGRATULATIONS on losing the 8 lbs!! That is awesome! I must say, you are THE bravest blogger (and woman) I have ever met. Putting your weight and measurements on your blog for the whole wide world to see is quite impressive. YOU GO GIRL! You are an AMAZING inspiration and I will most definitely be back often. I hope you will come to visit me again, too. BTW, I LOVE your blog background. It is gorgeous! I'm a little jealous actually. ;o)

Oh, and I would REALLY love to join you in your happy place. It sounds divine. Do you ever take friends along? If so, I would like to request Shemar Moore and Matthew McConaughey to be MY cabana boys. You know, one to massage my tired, achy muscles and apply sun screen and the other to fetch my drinks, fan me and whatever else I might need. Sounds like heaven! ;-)

Well, I hope you and your family have a fabulous weekend. I also wish you lots of luck as you continue your weight loss journey.



Teresa <><

Scarlet Simple said...

CONGRATS on the loss! That's really great! I just started reading your blog.

I did low carb for about 6 months a few years ago and lost 50lbs. It was perhaps the healthiest I have ever been. I am doing weight watchers now because I find low carb harder to come back to after falling off the wagon.

Congrats on working it!