My Progress!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Want a good laugh?

Ok, let me preface this by saying that I made a post yesterday, got it all ready to go and then apparently didn't upload it. I'm going to add it shortly although it's a day late and a dollar short because most of it was about what was going on today.

THIS post is about a good friend of mine and a contest she is having. She's giving away a $25 walmart card, just because she's all kinds of awesome so head on over there and sign up. I really think that if you enjoy my sense of humor, you will love hers as well.

She is pretty amazing overall and was probably the closest thing I had to a "mom" when I was going through everything with Erik and the rest of my life was crumbling down around me. She's not much older than me so I hope she doesn't mind me saying that, but she definitely was there for me in so many ways. I love her too because she is NOT about coddling you, she's about getting you to a healthy place and taking off the blinders that might be keeping you in a bad situation.

So, even if she wasn't having a super awesome contest, I would have probably pointed you in her direction sooner rather than later! Here's hoping one of us wins the card! If not, enjoy a daily chuckle by visiting her blog on a daily basis!