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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Ready for a quickie?

Feeling naughty tonight ;). I inadvertently went off my diet slightly, but it wasn't intentional and I didn't go crazy so it doesn't count right? I worked from 7am to 4:00PM then had a meeting with our advocate/lawyers to prepare for the hearing tomorrow. I hadn't had a chance to get lunch so while we were on the phone with the lawyers, I put in an order with wingstop online. Erik absolutely pitched a fit the last time we ordered anything from there because I ordered actual wings and not the boneless so this time I ordered the boneless. Who knew the darn things were BREADED??? I went ahead and just ate a few because I was starving and tired and just not up to making another decision about something else to eat. I had some celery and some baked beans which probably aren't the best low carb option, but hey...I could have done a lot worse right? One thing I will say is that I ordered the Cajun and WOW, they are spicy. I had ONE and my stomach is still on fire. Unless you enjoy feeling like your esophagus is going to spew hot molten lava for the rest of the night, I would not recommend this flavor. The garlic parmesan and lemon pepper are pretty good though.

So, If you checked the weigh in post, you will see that I'm up .2 pounds. Still happy with my overall weight loss for the week. Tomorrow makes it ONE FULL WEEK guys! Can you believe it after all my pathetic moaning since April? Please just cross your fingers I can keep on keepin' on. I'm feeling good though.

Well, sorry this is so short and so boring but my brain is seriously on auto pilot. I need to get to bed so that we can get to the hearing bright and early in the morning. I'm going to finish watching Mad Men and hope for delicious dreams about Don Draper and it definitely won't be a quickie ;) *sigh* I'll probably have another crazy asian greaser dream instead. Stay tuned folks!

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Scarlet Simple said...

I think its awesome that you aren't letting a little thing like your lunch make you feel like you have to start all over! Keep going! My fingers are so crossed for you!

My 3 Month Challenge said...

Love your post title! ;)
Oh you weren't that bad! No worries, no worries.
Just my personal opinion but, would you wanna consider shifting the background color and your text color around a little bit? I think the text is a bit hard to read. Just an idea!

wildfluffysheep said...

I'm feeling bad(naughty too) but I am blaming the ovaries. They keep screaming out for spring rolls!!

And it could have been a lot worse so dont beat yourself up. My fingers are crossed for you, missus. Keep on keeping on.

Beverly said...

Good for you! I know in the past I have let that discourage me. How silly is that...we have a lifetime to thing put in your mouth should not ruin that.

Book Lady said...

Groovy girly! Keep it up wit cho' bad self!