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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Born to be Mild!

The picture above is a mode of transportation I suggested to Erik. It is for sale at the very affordable price of $1500. Erik wasn't all that excited about it lol. I pointed out the flames on the side and how "cool" they were and suggested that maybe we could get some red tassles for the handle bars and maybe a butch it up with a basket with a skull painted on it, but he still wasn't biting. Idk what his problem was, but oh well. He did mention something about he wouldn't be caught dead on a "flaming" scooter so I guess we are going to make do with one car for a while longer.

Feeling better today. I'm really hoping that the lethargy was related to this cyst and any infection there is there. I've had two doses of the antibiotic. Not sure if that is enough to start making a difference in how I'm feeling or not. It could just be that I've had more sleep than waking hours the last several days and my body has just started to bounce back.

Tanner has been complaining this week about back pain and pain in his hip :( Yep, I'm fairly certain it has to do with his own weight issues. He could probably stand to lose about 50lbs :(. Of course I feel like a horrible mother and I should! At his age, his weight is directly resulting from what I allow him to put in his mouth. It has kind of given me more motivation to try to spend the next month and a half building up what I can do so that in the summer we can start working out together. I'm trying to make it more appealing by talking about how he will be able to go back to school looking snazzy and how much the girls at his school will love it, etc lol. Right now, it is ALL about the chicas with his boy!

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cmoursler said...

ERic doesn't want to ride a flaming scooter...What's wrong with him. lol.
I hope your wound heals.
I can't imagine what its like or how painful.Keep up with your walking and you two should be walking together this summer...

Anonymous said...

Exercise is great, but focusing on what you and Tanner eat is really more important. Supposedly weight loss is 80% food; 20% exercise.

Best of luck to both of you!