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Monday, April 12, 2010

Made it to the Doctor

Ok, I know I was a big whiney mess last night. I actually ended up getting some decent sleep after Erik got home from work and killed the smoke alarm that was “dinging” every 30 seconds. Woke up this morning and got straight to the doctor. Fortunately he didn’t have to cut on me anymore or even repack the wound. He said it is healing nicely and hopefully shouldn’t have anymore trouble with it. I’m a bit worried because he put some triple antibiotic cream on the wound before rebandaging and all I could think about was that other doctor I saw at the texas med clinic when this first started. If you don’t remember, she’s the one that told me how horrible Neosporin was for open wounds. She basically blamed the Neosporin I’d been using for making the wound even worse. I guess we’ll see if this ointment they used causes any problems. I was just grateful that he didn’t have to repack the stupid thing.

Incidentally, I asked again why he didn’t use lidocaine to numb the area before he starts carving a patient up and the answer was “he just doesn’t” period, end of sentence. Before the dr came in, I asked if they could go ahead and use some this time around and the nurse said, “oh, it will take longer for it to work than it takes to repack the wound so it isn’t worth it.” Made no sense to me since I had to lay there for about 10 minutes waiting for the doctor to come in (I spent it doing my back exercises lol), but as I said… he didn’t have to cut anymore so it was a non issue thankfully.

So, what am I doing today? I started off my morning with a cup of cottage cheese (or “queso cottage” as it reads on the generic crap Erik bought at the store this week and yes, you CAN taste the difference) and a yogurt. I did my back exercises and later on my break I’m going to walk as many laps as I can until my back starts to tell me it is time to sit down. For lunch, I’m going to have a lean cuisine or a shake and for dinner, tanner and I will probably have lean cuisines or hamburgers (soy burgers). I may even try to get a few more laps up and down the hall after work tonight. That is my plan for today. It is simple. It is doable.


K. said...

Sounds like a fine plan and I am glad your doc's visit went well. Take care. K.
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Kim said...

Yeah, I'm glad your appointment went well and I agree w/ you that it was stupid of them not to numb you up. I'd be barkin up there tree somethin awful. lol. Sounds like a great plan and you sound determined and movtivated...happy for you. :) Good luck!! :) Oh, btw, I know you are a follower on my Winding Road blog but did you know I have a weight loss blog now too? If you ever have the chance (I know you're busy w/ several jobs), come over and visit...maybe we can support one another. :) Take care.

cmoursler said...

two defining words of any great plan...simple and doable.
Great job, and glad your wound is healing.

Ice Queen said...

Hi. I recently started reading your blog and would like to follow, if you don't mind. :D

I'm sorry that you had to have a painful procedure without any local. I wonder how that doc would like to have someone take a scvalpel to his stomach without it.

I hope that you heal well and swiftly.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you're doing well and that the wound didn't need to be re-packed. I've never seen a doctor numb a patient for that; usually just the initial cleaning out. My favorite doctors were the ones who would tell patients to let them know if they felt any discomfort and they would have me inject more lidocaine. I sometimes felt like the injection probably hurt more than the procedure though!

I'm glad I'm not the only one with a smoke detector that beeps; to be honest it's usually due to my cooking.

Be well!