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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Walking with Pictures :)

The picture you see above is from google actually, but that is my street with my house (duplex) on the right. I tried to show my path for yesterday, hopefully you can make out what I did. If you blinked, you might have missed me, but I don’t want to overdue it with my back just now on the mend YAY! I know it is pretty pathetic. I could have probably walked a bit further, but with me, there is always the knowledge that I have to be able to make it back so I'd rather be safe than sorry. I also had an incident a few weeks ago (that I'll share with you guys later) that scared the crap out of me so I try to be much more careful walking outside on uneven surfaces.

Every day I’m feeling a little bit better, however…I think I know why I’ve been feeling kind of crappy the past few days (with nausea and lethargy). The wound from hell is back AGAIN. Yes, this is the same darn thing that started last fall. I’m going to try to get into the doctor over the next few days because someone commented on my blog the last time it reared its ugly head that it could be a form of strep bacteria. It is so bizarre because it will heal over, be ok for several weeks and then start flaring up again almost as if it is a brand new cyst. Eventually it ruptures and then I spend days cleaning and bandaging it until it heals over again. I just want to get RID of it for good. I don’t know if it is just coincidence or what, but it usually flares up right around the time I have a bout of this nausea and lethargy so they must be connected. Anyway, I’m going to have to see if Erik is working over the next two days so that I can get into the doctor. If he is, I can probably call a friend to take me in to get it looked at.

Anyway, I don’t think it is flaring up because of the walking I’ve been doing. Let’s face it…it isn’t much walking…not really much more than what I do around the house, so I doubt it is the walking aggravating it. Maybe that was coincidental in the past. So frustrating, but I suppose it is just another prod from God to lay off the reeses cups.

Incidentally…I had a mini binge on reeses cups yesterday. Tanner apparently went to Target with his school and used his money to buy dad and I some easter candy since he didn’t have anything for us on easter lol. Initially I allowed myself to have one PB egg and told him to hide the rest for daddy. He got sidetracked and left them in my office. I knew they were there, but managed to avoid them for most of the evening and then…at some point around 10pm I went nuts for about 5 minutes and had about 4-5 cups one right after the other! Uggh..oh well. I had stuck to my eating plan for the day so while I wasn’t happy about succumbing to the temptation, I did pat myself on the back for stopping before they were ALL gone (even though that was mostly because I knew Tanner would be upset if DAD didn’t get any lol). I sent Erik a guilty text saying “I just had about 4 reeses cups one right after the other! Don’t tell Tanner lol.” Is that not addict behavior lol? Kuh-razy.

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cmoursler said...

well, back at it then...good for you on walking.
tomorrow is a new day.
Each day is new chance.
Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

Great walk!!!

Kim said...

The sore could be from strep bacteria, or from holding too much fluid. I had one of these a couple months back for the first time on the front of my leg. I have hereditary lymphedema. It was like a big thick blister or cyst and it busted open and kept leaking fluid, so I couldn't get it to scab over. I started taking fluid pills from doc and that helped a lot b/c I was getting rid of some of the excess in my legs. Also, compression bandaging helped a kept it from leaking. I hope you're able to heal soon, much luck. :)

Kim said...

Oh, btw, my mother had that strep bacteria when I was a teen. It caused her leg to look terribly bruised and her skin started peeling off. Her legs were swollen too. The docs said it's something that can kill so if you think there's a possibility of having it at all, please get the docs to test you. My mom was sick for months with it. She could hardly do anything b/c she was so sick.

Rob Dyess said...

Yeah.... you better get that checked out!! Could be strep or staf.

Great post today on--

It is about being perfect. I just thought of this when reading your post!


Anonymous said...

You have more resistance than me to the Easter candy!

big_mummy said...

are you sure the wound isnt an abcess?? They need removing surgiclly or else they will keep flaring up. nasty.