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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Day Four: Shhhh Let's not Jinx anything mmk?

Yep, yours truly has managed to stick to the plan...oh wait a minute we aren't planning anymore are we? Shoot...well, I've managed to not pig out or eat crap that is going to add weight for four straight days. I stepped on the scale today and was down another 2 lbs so that is 8 since saturday.

I'm really tired so I can't blog for long, but I wanted to note that today, apart from all the usual aches and pains, I felt the best that I've felt in a long time...not so lethargic mainly. I'd be doing so much more if my body was just cooperating. Right now I think the problem is the chair I'm using to work from. I had a Lazboy that I used...because it got to the point that sitting in a real chair, day after day, meant mama's feet looked like 12 lbs of sausage in a one pound casing by the end of the week. So...the chair...broke. Yep, I guess you can only load up a lazyboy with so much woman for so long before he starts hitting the mat in agony and crying "Uncle!" So some friends of mine took him in for a little spa treatment, get a few things tightened and reinforced and then he'll come home to mama again like a good boy. Hopefully mama will be about 10 lbs thinner by then and not such a burden to cradle when she is working.

Anyway, so Ive been using a different recliner. A smaller one and something about the way I sit in it just jacks up my legs like you wouldn't believe. I think that is why I'm seeing my knees flare up and feeling so much discomfort when I get out of it. I may just try sitting in regular office chair tomorrow and see how I do.

If you want to see what I ate today have at it, take a look. It's all there. You can see I haven't had much exercise or activity. That would be mainly due to the problems with my legs. Honestly, they may be keeping me from exercise at the moment, but the pain is a constant reminder about why I need to keep trucking along right now. But you know what? I can do those back exercises...they work out my legs as well as my lower back and to do those before I get too tired guys...have a good night. See you for day 5 :)


cmoursler said...

great Job Michelle.
You are doing so well...doing what you can.
That is awesome.
You didn't ask for my opinion on this, but I am gonna do it anyways...
I like you, you are such a sweet and open and kind person.
I know all those pig pictures are funnies. I get the funnies...I do.
I just hope that isn't how you view yourself.
Because you aren't that.
Just so you know that.
I'll shut up now.
good night.

My Big Fat Super Super Obese Blog said...

aww chris, you are a sweetheart. I appreciate your comments and started to reply, but it was getting pretty long so I figured I'd just do a blog post about it later lol. The short version is I have a warped sense of humor and sometimes enjoy poking fun at myself. You've got me thinking have to blog sooner rather than later today lol.

Erica B. said...

Michelle 8 pounds lost is awesome! Just think...10 days from now you might lose 10 more pounds! That would be 18!! <-- I know, my math skills simply amaze you. :) Anyhow, I just wanted to let you know I am an avid follower of your blog and I'm on the sidelines cheering for you - not like in a stalkerish way, no need to lock your deadbolt - yet. I was referring to a "virtual" sideline. Anyhow keep it up!!! I'm so proud of you!!