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Friday, April 16, 2010

Tired of being sick!

I've spent the better part of this week battling some kind of stomach ailment and it has just wiped me completely out. I'm feeling better today and actually stepped on the scale to see I'm at 437 and some change so I guess it was good for something since I was around 444 pre illness. I realize the weight will probably come right back once I start eating mormally, but I'm going to try to ride the wave as much as I can. I'd love to be below 430 before the end of the month.

Problem is....I am extremely weak at the moment. I've spent most of the last several days either in my recliner trying to work or in bed. Yesterday I slept from around midnight the night before through to 2:30pm the next day. This morning I didn't get up until around 10:30 AM and then only really because my body was aching from lying around so much. I feel better though. We'll see how I do when I have breakfast. I'm going to try a smoothie to start with. I need to do something to get my strength up though. I'm going to start my back exercises back up and start there.

My back is feeling better. It is still pretty weak, especially since I been sleeping so much. Here's hoping I can just continue to build on the back exercises and grow from there. I really need to focus on strengthening my legs as well because I'm really DONE with the lethargy I feel walking from my desk to the bathroom. So I think I may do some extra "wall" squats. Gosh I miss going to Denny's (the gym I used to go to). Maybe sometime this year I'll get back to him. He's definitely in my plan though when I have this surgery. If anyone can make sure that I'm fit and sporting some attractive definition, it will be him!

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Jack Sh*t, Gettin' Fit said...

That's definitely losing it the hard way, but I like the mindset of using it as a springboard for future success.

Good luck, and have a great weekend.

cmoursler said...

I love that you don't just sit down and quit. You are still trying and still moving forward...keep up the great work.