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Sunday, March 22, 2009

I think I need a Doctor...if only he looked like McDreamy.

I have a great doctor though. I can never remember his name (it is some Al-something or other) though so I usually call him something different every time I go. Not to his face of course, but if erik or talk about making an appt its always something different and its become something of a private joke between us.

Anyway, on to a more serious matter...lately, I've started feeling kind of crappy around noon. It usually continues into the evening. If I can lay down for a bit it seems to get a bit better. Initially, I thought maybe I was just eating too much at lunch, but the last couple of days have been the worst and I had a very reasonable lunch: turkey sandwich with chips or some kind of fruit...big woop right? Breakfast has been pretty light, usually a bowl of cereal or fiber bar and yogurt. Here are the symptoms:

-crushing feeling in my throat, like someone has their hand lightly on my throat, not enough to choke me, but enough to feel a bit like I'm breathing through a sock.
-bloated, overfull feeling
-foggy feeling in my head, sometimes developing into a full headache.
-nausea to some degree

Now the fatigue, I could chalk up to the fact that I usually work no less than 10 hr days and those are light days. Today I worked my full day at my day job and and then two more at my other job and have two more hours in just a little bit.

The crushing choking feeling I've had before. It was one of the reasons my doctor put me on the blood pressure and heart medication and I kind of feel like this might be elevated blood pressure. Tomorrow and Tuesday are my days "off" so I may try and get to the bariatric center to have them take my blood pressure if I start to feel this way again. It is just a very icky feeling....very uncomfortable. It kind of feels like when you absolutely STUFF yourself at a meal only I haven't really eaten much. I feel my worst right now and the last time I ate was over 5 hours ago. I"m not hungry, but I know I need to eat something because I haven't even had 1000 calories today. Uggh...anybody know what these symptoms might be? My vote is for elevated blood pressure despite the fact that I've been eating healthier and more active he last three weeks than I've been in a long time?

Man, it really sucks to be fat! If you are reading this and you are thinner than I am, PLEASE get on a diet or stick to the diet you are on. You do NOT want to be dealing with scary stuff like this and feeling like crap most of the time. I'm sure some of you think you feel like crap most of the time because I remember being where you all are, but trust can and will get worse and its no fun. I'm 38, I shouldn't be worrying about having a heart attack or a stroke :(

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wildfluffysheep said...

Man... if doctors really looked him I would be there all the time drooling. LOL. actually, I'd be toooo shy and never go He is beautiful....

eeep. that doesn't sound too good missus. you should definitely get that checked out.


Galatea said...

Sorry, I've no idea re the symptoms but just wanted to say please do go and get fully check out as soon as possible. You're health is so important. Let us know how you go. xox

Tony said...

Agree with the people above me who have commented, definitely get that checked out.

I think most "McDreamies" turn into "McFlurries" after one too many years of med school. Did that make any sense?

A Daunting Tale of Scale Warfare said...

I hardly ever go for physicals (except my yearly lady doctor check up), but if I had a McDreamie for a doctor, I'd be there 3 times a week with some ailment that required a lot of research ;)

You need to get to the doctors ASAP, I'm with everyone else, get in and at least get checked out. Worried about you!

lisa said...

Getting checked out is a great idea. I just wanted to add something & I don't know if it applies... Every time I have JUST BEGUN to do something in the way of exercise, diet, etc, I always have strange symptoms. Sometimes my blood pressure goes wonky, sometimes my heart palpitates or skips beats. I think when people have 100s to lose like we do, it really gives our bodies a jolt to do something different than our normal routines. Get yourself checked out & keep up the great work, you are an inspiration!

Deb said...

Those symptoms sound scary. I am glad you are going to the doc.

Personally, I am more of a McSteamy kinda gal. ;-)

My Big Fat Super Super Obese Blog said...

Thanks so much guys for your concern! I checked in with the doc today and I'm going in for a stress test, etc so we should find out whats going on.

As for Mcsteamy vs. McDreamy, I think if might be kind of fun to try them both at once ;) Did I just say that??? What? There's enough of me to go around!