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Saturday, March 7, 2009

I unknowingly crossed over to the Dark Side :(

I'm going to start posting my food logs again. It was kind of a pain because I couldn't just insert a pic of my sparkpeople page that would fit and still be readable so from now on Im just going to link to the most recent log in my photobucket. If you are really interested in keeping up with what I'm eating, you can click on the link and see for yourself.

I'm afraid I have very bad news for yesterday though. I was doing just fine until dinner time. I took a nap after I finished work and when I woke up I was starving. Still half asleep, I fumbled downstairs with the smell of pizza tickling my nostrils. I remember thinking that it was *just a frozen pizza* and it couldn't be as bad as Little Ceasars or Pizza Hut and they were small pizzas to begin with, so I grabbed three pieces. I know my logic was fuzzy, but I was half asleep and obviously still dreaming about a world where you can consume pizza that won't go immediately to your hips; it was a good dream. I finished eating, went out to our living room to chat with the "fam," watched a little TV and then decided I was still hungry. I walked back into the kitchen and dug out the boxes for the pizza so that I could get an idea about where I was for the day caloric/fat-wise and about had a coronary. Each slice of pizza had 17g of fat per slice!!!! Now, if it was like...THE BEST PIZZA EVER, I might not feel so defeated, but this was crap pizza. I wasted a good cheat on crappy food. Nothing sucks more than that.

I ask E if he was aware that he bought a pizza that would immediately clog all our arteries and of course he said "no." Must be nice not to have to worry about things like that. I secretly hoped he'd finish off the pizza himself and grow girl hips that I could make fun of.

In reality, its my own dumb fault. I'm responsible for what I put in my body and nobody else. Note to self: Nothing shall pass thy lips until thine eyes have shrugged the foggy web of sleep else ye are doomed to leave thine diet among the detritus of failure.

Yesterday's Food Log


Ashley said...

It's okay. Today is a new day and a fresh start!

Laryssa said...

It is amazing how many calories you find in some foods; makes your jaw drop! I've gotten so used to checking the nutrition label that no one at work bothers to offer me anything just so they don't have to hear what the calories and fat grams are in what they are eating! LOL

There's no mental or physical 'gain' in beating yourself up for eating off plan. At least you realized it and didn't give up on eating right. (It does make it seem like less of a cheat when it tastes really good, though, doesn't it?)

Hope today turns out great for you!

Carlos said...

LUKE, I am your pizza! sorry you went to the dark side but pizza is a weakness for me too

John said...

I definitely agree that today is a fresh start. It's best just to brush away the guilt and get back to the healthy foods. I always picture Pizza as grease dripping everywhere and it always puts me off. Now I can't stand the smell. Have an amazing week and you will find so many things you do to be proud of.

Super Squared said...

Thanks everyone for the support. I didn't beat myself up too hard really. I'm looking forward to increasing my activity and seeing where it gets me this next week.

John, I know you are kind of on the fence about what sort of career you want, but it seems like you would make a great life coach or personal trainer. You have a great way of putting everything into perspective.