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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

My Bucket List (aka. things I want to do when I lose weight)

I did this a while back, but thought it needed a home here. I realize that I'm probably going to need to win the lottery or marry rich if I want to do everything on this list, but a girl can dream can't she? Not everything requires that I be thin do do them, but they'd probably be a lot easier if I were. So, in no particular order...

1. ride in a hot air balloon
2. Take dance lessons (all kinds)
3. Take an around the world cruise
4. jump out of a plane (with a parachute of course)
5. build my dream house with a view of some body of water
6. Own a boat
7. heck with on a houseboat
8. be an extra on a tv show or movie
9. Take T to disneyworld or disneyland
10. attend an opera at La Scala in Milan, Italy.
12. Learn how to scuba dive and then take a dive in the Egyptian red sea.
13. Take an African Safari
14. Treat myself to an entire day at the spa
15. Buy a headstone for my mother's grave.
16. write a book (believe me...I have material coming out of my ears with the life I've lived.)
17. go cliff diving
18. learn a foreign language and actually use it.
19. spend a night in a haunted hotel or house
20. Spend a week at Lake Como in Italy
21. Take cooking classes in Tuscany
22. glide down the waterways of venice in a gondola and kiss someone I love under the bridge of sighs as the sun sets.
23. When i feel like dating again, ask someone out on my own.
24. Kiss the blarney stone
25. Take a tour of Egypt
26. go to the top of the Eiffel tower without using the elevator
27. Run in a marathon
28. Learn to ski (water and snow)
29. Visit scotland and kiss a man wearing a kilt
30. Get my black belt in some kind of martial art
31. Have someone serenade me
32. Fall completely in love with someone who is deeply in love with me
33. help build a habitat for humanity house
34. start an online support network for people who want to quit smoking
35. Get into the absolute best shape of my life
36. Get a tattoo (a little one)
37. See my son mature into a happy healthy adult
38. Ride on a helicopter
39. Visit the great wall of china
40. Swim with dolphins
41. see a play at Shakespeare's Globe Theatre
42. See a musical on Broadway
43. Visit Jim Morrison's grave at Père-Lachaise Cemetery in Paris.
44. Live at least a year in a foreign country.
45. Have a drink named after me.
46. learn how to make a quilt
47. refinish my great grandmother's hope chest.
48. Take an acting class
49. ride a mechanical bull
50. Learn to fly a plane
51. Go zorbing
52. Take a tour of a tropical beach by horseback
53. Visit prague
54. Learn to play chess
55. forgive myself for not making every moment with my mom count while she was sick.
56. to heck with getting mom a headstone. Dig up her ashes and scatter them somewhere beautiful.
57. take a sculpting class.
58. Learn to paint.
59. Go back to school and get my masters in something.
60. Make a difference in at least one person's life.
61. Be able to look in the mirror and love the person looking back at me.
62. Attend the olympics.
63. Take a trip to the moon on Virgin Galactic.
64. Ride on a float in a parade
65. Make a new year's resolution and keep it!
66. Visit the 7 wonders of the world ( I realize this duplicates some of the previous list items, but humor me ;)
67. Attend a taping of the Saturday Night Live show
68. Learn how to surf
69. Finish my scrapbooks
70. Walk a red carpet
71. Start Volunteering on a regular basis (probably with the American Cancer Society)
72. Have a romantic picnic in central park
73. Go skinny dipping in the south of france (of course this is after much weight loss and plastic surgery lol)
74. Spend the night in a castle.
75. Spend all night talking to someone I just met.
76. Climb a mountain
77. Apply for a reality TV show
78. open my own business (doing what? I don't know....Tanner votes for the donut shop)
79. Have a girlfriend's retreat with the favorite women in my life. (you know who you are)
80. Wear something that makes me look AMAZING......just for myself.
81. write a children's book and get it published.
82. Go on a vacation somewhere .......ALL BY MYSELF and be perfectly comfortable doing it
more to come later...............

Do you have a bucket list or list of things you want to do when you meet your weight loss goals? If so, whats the number one thing you would want to do?


Laryssa said...

You've got some good things on your list; yeah, I'd say you'd need to marry rich although the lottery would bring less baggage! LOL

My bucket list would be very short but it would include visiting each of the 50 states at least once, meeting my NS friends, and quitting my job. Well, maybe the job thing should be first! (I wouldn't do the donut shop ... too much temptation. LOL)

John said...

I love this list!! Haha especially the one about finding a Scottish man in a kilt :) What an amazing idea, though - this list. The best thing is, when you start ticking some off, then all the rest will be equally possible.

Side note - I remember when I was going to Florence, I saw an ad for a 5 day Tuscan cookery course and was so tempeted. Was only passing through Italy so couldn't do it but can you imagine how amazing that would be.

Ashley said...

My number one thing is to become healthy and physically fit so that my husband and I can start a family. My body is my temple, and for nine months, my body will also be my child's temple. I need to make it as nice a possible for him or her.

Another thing on my list - run the Disney marathon in January of 2011.

Jaded said...

I think you're a very neat lady! I've been blessed by your blog this morning. I read your bucket list and we have so many of the same goals and desires... the things we want to achieve in this life, to experience. #15 breaks my heart, It is something I want to do as well and I have felt such an overwelming guilt over not achieving that yet. I am looking forward to hearing about the things you acomplish on your list and I'm motivated to update and post my bucket list as well. I hope you wake each day feeling renewed!