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Sunday, March 8, 2009

Operation Action: Let's Get that Fat Butt Moving!!

DISCLAIMER: no kitties were harmed in the production of this post. I don't smoke and don't even have a cat, but thought you guys might enjoy the humor.

Ok, so I have this treadmill sitting beside me as I type this. Poor, lonely treadmill that cost an arm and a freaking fat leg to accommodate my size and I bet it probably has a total of 50 miles (and not all of them mine) logged on it since I purchased it about 3-4 years ago. I know the mileage because when we moved a year ago, I had to have a guy come out and make sure it was good to go and he told me it only had about 50 miles clocked...delivered through a sarcastic grin that said "I'm not surprised it's been used so infrequently by the size of you."

Actually he was very nice about it, but I was still mortified. It didn't help that he was pretty buff and sorta cute and here I was this middle aged sow getting her treadmill tuned up for god knows what reason because she obviously wasn't using it.

Anyway, I digress. Today starts my path back to physical fitness. As I said, I'm going to start off doing 5 minutes x 4 times a day. I'm going to do my first 5 in the morning before breakfast and before work. I'll do my second 5 on one of my 15 minute breaks, the third 5 on my lunch, and the last 5 after I get off work. My goal is to work my way up to 10 minutes 4 x a day by the end of the month without having a heart attack, acquiring shin splints, or otherwise harming myself.

I'm also going to start having T join me after school doing the seated exercises and wall pushups I learned about here . He is dying to go to the Y and work out on their weight machines. I'm going to tell him that he has to lose 20 lbs before we will get him started there and he has to do these exercises with me as part of getting there. I think it will work, we'll see.

I have a feeling Monday's loss isn't going to be the amazing 10-pounder loss we saw last week (cuz I stepped on the scale again!)but I know I just need to give my metabolism a push by increasing my activity. What do we repeat to ourselves anytime we start moaning about how much we haven't lost?

"It isn’t about the scale, it’s about getting healthier. The rest will follow!”

I'm also going to continue with my food journal so that I can have a way of tracking what I'm eating. It's helpful. For instance, I was trying to evaluate my food log yesterday...where am I spending the most fat? Looks like those darn fiber bars are doing the lion's share of the damage. Those are definitely going to be reserved to maybe 1/2 a bar per day as a treat. Should be fun to see whether increased activity and better attention to what I'm putting in my mouth equals a bigger loss next week.

Another mantra that is helping me keep perspective is:

Every day I'm healthier and stronger than I was the day before

I know I sound like Jack Handy, but whatever works right?

Yesterday's Food Log
BTW, can you guys take a look at what sparkpeople is recommending for my daily allowances? At my size, I can see the caloric intake but the fat seems really high. Could I really lose weight with a fat intake that high? I have been trying to keep mine around 20g/day, no higher than 30g (obviously I do go over now and then)


Dina said...

I love Jack Handy :) !

The cartoon made me laugh.

Great job on the treadmill plan!

Kate said...

Since you asked, yes, I think more fat would still allow you to lose weight. It would also keep you full longer, which is a big ole' bonus in weight-loss-world.

Anyhow, I've read multiple places that even if you exercise in short burts (and I'm not referring to HIT here) throughout the day your body will benefit from it, so your plan to spread the minutes out seems a-okay to me!

wildfluffysheep said...

I think I may borrow some your mantras :D Also awesome on the ten pound loss.

I think its wise you're breaking your exercise up in to chunks. Slow and steady wins the race. I had my own treadmill struggle this week.

I am just new to your blog but I love your style.

Ashley said...

That plan sounds good to me. You have to start somewhere, and doing it in short bursts seems like a great idea! That way, you're less likely to get injuries. Keep on truckin', girl!

Laryssa said...

You are doing really well in keeping within your daily caloric intake! Tracking really is so important so you can see what you're doing or not doing. Starting slow on exercises is smart, too. Just a suggestion: I don't know how you feel about salads & veggies, but I've noticed that I don't eat as much during the day and I don't get hunger or craving pangs when I have at least 3 servings of veggies, salad and/or fruit per day. On those days that I don't have my fruits and veggies, I struggle with not overeating; then once I have a fruit or salad, I'm good. I think it has something to do with the low calorie/high fiber.

Ria said...

Hi! I've seen your posts on 3FC, and have read your blog for a while now, but this is my first comment.

You really have a great attitude - I know how hard it is to get started when you have a lot to lose.

Re fat grams - some nutritionists & fitness experts recommend 30% cal from fat, 40% from carbs and 30% from protein. I try to generate a 1,000 calorie per day deficit with the above macronutrient ratios, and it has worked for me.If you're aiming to eat around 2,000 calories per day, that'd give you something like 600 cal from fat or approximately 67 grams. So IMO, I think sparkpeople's information is accurate.

Super Squared said...

Kate, wildfluffysheep, and ashley: Thanks guys for your comments! In the past, I've seen my body get back in shape pretty quickly so I'm hoping I will experience the same thing this time. I just don't want to hurt myself and put myself out of commission again.

Laryssa, I know I need to work more fruits and veggies in. I'm going to make a concerted effort this week to do just that!

Ria, thanks for commenting! I'd love to be able to read your blog as well. Sounds like you know quite a bit about nutrition :)

sonia said...

What a GORGEOUS blog!!!!!! I just found it, and am about to start reading through your archives.

Looks really amazing!


fatfighter said...

Love the cartoon (and the disclaimer) - thanks for the laughs! ;)