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Friday, March 13, 2009

By My Calculations...I'm still Fat!

Ok, the last two days have not been the best. I can feel myself sinking in kind of a rut. It could be the rain, it could be the fact that my very gorgeous childhood friend is now dating the very sweet guy we both had a crush on in high school, maybe I'm just losing a little momentum, I'm not sure. I do know that it isn't going to derail me.

I partly think it might be that I have yet to start my fitness regime. I have the treadmill upstairs, it just needs a little vacuum and then its good to go. Erik was supposed to bring the vacuum upstairs for me since I do good getting myself upstairs, much less myself and a household appliance up the stairs. I even ordered some exercise stuff this week so that I could do that seated full body workout justice. I have the box from amazon sitting right next to me this very moment, but I haven't opened it up. Ok, well now I opened it up. It wasn't everything, but enough. I ordered three different exercise bands, a weighted medicine ball and a tape measure. You know what the tape measure means right? Humiliating measurements on the way...God I dread sharing those, but I will.

I kind of think it might have been the fact that I only lost a little over a pound this week. I know I have been saying the mantras and they help, but deep inside I'm thinking "I have 300 lbs to lose and I only lost ONE this week; its going to take forever!!" One of the lovely side effects of PCOS is that it makes it very easy for you to gain weight, but very difficult to get the weight off. At my size, my BMR is 2730 so my body burns that many calories just to stay alive. If I'm eating under 1800 calories a day, shouldn't i be losing a little more than that? Let me see...

DISCLAIMER: these calculations were done with the aid of a calculator. Do not attempt these calculations without the aid of a calculator as I can personally attest to the fact that you will burn more brain cells than fat cells.

1lb. of body fat = 3500 calories
2730 (my BMR) - 1800 calories (my daily intake) = 930 cal deficit a day
930 X 7 = 6510 deficit for week
6510/3500 = 1.86 lb loss for the week

Hmm, well I guess thats about right. I guess If I want to lose more, I'm going to have to get with it and get moving.

Starting tomorrow, I promise to put everything in my food diary and to do something to increase my activity. Those are my two goals. Maybe for now I just need to work on it a day at a time, at least until I get over this hump or whatever it is.

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wildfluffysheep said...

Get on with hoovering the treadmill missus! :D

I think I need to set more goals. *nods*

lol @ at the burning of brain cells.

wildfluffysheep said...

p.s kudos on the measuring tape. I just posted my measurments today and it took me like an hour. I hate my numbers.... bah

Tricia said...

Yeah, measurements. I've still never done mine. Maybe I should, but...UGH. I don't really wanna know how much bigger my belly is than my bust...I see it enough in the mirror every freaking day of my life. Lameness.

Keep with it, girl. Even if it ended up being like 300 weeks (which it won't) that's better than GAINING a pound a week for all those weeks. You're doing're inspiring me, so keep it up please. Thanks :)

Amberla said...

As lame as it sounds a good way to get in some exercise is DANCING! Put on some music and dance around for twenty minutes while you do something. If I didn't have an ipod my apartment would never be clean.

My Big Fat Super Super Obese Blog said...

OMG Amberla!! I almost put in today's post that part of the reason I wanted to get a mix together was so that tanner and I could dance and get silly together and burn some weight that way. Defo on the agenda :)

Tricia: I love reading your blog. Maybe you and I can keep inspiring each other :)

Wildfluffysheep: I'm very math challenged. Half the time I'm lucky if I can do it right WITH a calculator.

Ria said...

Good for you for getting the equipment that you need to exercise!

Thanks for the compliments re the tables on my blog - I don't know HTML, so I made them using a free program called "Windows Live Writer".