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Saturday, March 28, 2009

She Choppin' Brocco-laaaay: My first review of V8's new soup line

No, V8 did not ask me to review their new line of soups. I have no idea how all you other bloggers get hooked up with the free stuff to review, but I'm so eager to do a review that I went out and bought their soups with my own money just so that I could review it for ya here. Am I a dedicated blogger or what? Really, I thought they looked pretty yummy and wanted to try them anyway.

I've actually tried their Garden Broccoli, Southwestern Corn, Tomato and Herb, and Sweet Red Pepper. I have the Golden Butternut Squash, but haven't had an opportunity to sample that one yet. I'll let ya know when I do.

Ok, just to set the mood, you need to picture me holding each box; I'm wearing a sexy little Vanna Dress they probably don't make in a 7X, but you can use your imagination. I'm also wearing those cute little full arm gloves that I can probably only get past my wrists if I'm lucky, but again...use your imagination.

Tomato & Herb: I love the packaging on all these soups, they really do make it feel like this is going to be a healthy indulgence and I can tell you that the Tomato & Herb did not let me down. I made a grilled swiss cheese sandwich to go with it and it was seriously delicious. You have the yummy traditional flavor of tomato soup with this tasty little kick that really punches up the flavor. When you are trying to cut calories, its all about the flavor as far as I'm concerned and this soup really did satisfy. You will find bits of tomato and various herbs in each bite which also makes you think you are getting something just a bit more substantial in a soup. Very Yummy!

Southwestern Corn: Really loved this one. As soon as I tasted a spoonful, I started creating variations in my head. Add a little cumin and chicken chunks and sprinkle some low fat tortilla chips on top, instant tortilla or enchilada soup. I ate it by itself and it was honestly very good. It has the flavor of corn with maybe a touch of salsa thrown in. Not enough to make it too spicy, but enough to make corn soup interesting.

Sweet Red Pepper:
I actually used this flavor when I discovered that my planned tacos for the evening were going to have to be sans taco seasoning because Erik didn't buy any. Drives me nuts, he's SURE we have it at home, so he doesn't get it, we don't have it, and then I have to tap dance in the kitchen to make what I had planned without the necessary ingredient....MEN! I used a little of this in my ground turkey and it really added a nice flavor to our tacos that night. I only had a small taste of this on its own, but I remember it tasting sweet, and a little peppery....oh all right...I owe you another review on this one, but it works great as a taco seasoning! When I'm able to sample it on its own, I'll update you guys.

Garden Broccoli:
I sampled this one the other day with a grilled turkey and fat free cheese sandwich. I really liked this one as well. It has bits of broccoli and a fresh from the garden flavor that I really enjoyed. I added a pinch of fat free cheddar which made it extra yummy. I'll definitely be purchasing these again.

The great thing about eating soup prior to an entree is that it helps fill you up. Research has even shown that, on average, people consume about 100 fewer calories when adding a soup prior to their main meal. People who eat soup before a meal also tend to feel full longer which is another great perk if you are prone to the munchies a few hours after a meal.

Another great thing about the V8 soups is that each serving satisfies one of your daily fruit and vegetable requirements for the day. If any of you have been following my food logs...this is one area I kind of struggle with. I'm not sure why because I love fruits and veggies, but I just seem to overlook them when making a meal. Each serving of the V8 soups range from 80-150 calories depending on the flavor you choose. This makes any of them a perfect low calorie soup option.

Finally, I could see using these soups in so many ways to make low calorie cooking that much easier; add a bit to a batch of brown rice, throw in meat of your choice, and you have a very flavorful casserole. Use them as a base for a more substantial soup like the chicken enchilada soup I described above, and I can guarantee you, its going to taste like you spent a whole lot more time in the kitchen. I may be experimentin' soon so keep an eye on Super Squared's Bitchin' Kitchen for updates.

So there ya have it. My first official review. How did I do?

Just in case you hated it, I've included this link so that you can enjoy Dana Carvey's genius. I can't see, say, read or hear the word Broccoli without remembering this SNL skit. She CHOP...unh! Enjoy :)

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wildfluffysheep said...

I think you make a great food critic :D And you actually make me want to try them out. Plus I know I do lack a little in the vegetable department.....

TJ said...

I haven't tried any of those soups yet. Thanks for the reviews! :)


Bonnie said...

I actually bought the soups to try, but they have been sitting in my pantry for about a month now. After reading your wonderful review, I will definitely be trying out!

A Very Fairy Princess said...
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Shelley said...

I considered buying those soups yesterday when I was at the store, but the Pacific Naturals brand were $1/ea (!!!), so I opted for them instead. Now I wish I had bought the Campbells after reading your reviews!

IRJessica said...

Great reviews. I've had the butternut squash (yum yum yummy), but I've been to chicken to try the other foods as I feel I know those foods and might not be able to see them as a "soup". Haha, what kind of nut am I? Anyways, you've convinced me to try the corn one and broccoli, they sound great!

Tricia said...

I haven't tried any of these since I hate veggies, but I do okay with tomatoes (technically: a fruit...DAMN!) so maybe I'll try that one.

Also, one of my all-time fave SNL sketches. As soon as I read the title, I started singing the whole thing in my head. My fave part is the UNH too. Haha, good times.

Tatersmama said...

Well, the review made me want to rush right out and buy some, but with my luck, they won't make it to Oz until about 2015. We are SO slow in getting things here!!
Damn damn damn... ;-)

A Daunting Tale of Scale Warfare said...

Yay! I'm totally going to try these soups now!

I have no idea either how some bloggers get to sample and review products, I'm with you, I'd totally be up for doing reviews!