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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

"It looks like two pigs fightin' unda a blanket!"

I've always loved that movie :) Has to be one of my favorites right next to "You know I love ya more'n my luggage." Gotta love Clairee.

As you can see, I have some new pics below. I took them for + sized girl's challenge. I read about the challenge and even though I had just taken my before pics, I figured I should probably take another one in a lighter shirt that fit a bit snug so that as I lose weight, you can actually tell the difference. I went into my closet and grabbed the first shirt I could find that I knew I could probably get on, but that would be snug. I have to tell you that I have this shirt in three different colors...ALL still have the price tags on them. As a matter of fact, I have about three closets full of clothes that still have price tags on them. Why you ask? I'll tell you why.

Every time I got pumped about dieting in the last decade, I would usually buy myself a ton of "incentive clothing" on clearance from various online plus sized shops. I knew that I would be working my way down through the sizes at some point so I thought it would be a great way to motivate myself and prepare for the new me that was on the way. The last clothes I wore in anything under a size 20 was way back in the early 90's so even if I could get back into them, a majority of them are SO dated (I actually found a pair of those harem pants (see above)if you can imagine that...WHAT was I thinking?) So, I have probably spent loads on new wardrobes that have just sat in my closet collecting dust. I have long refused to buy anything new in my current size so I've been relegated to tshirts and the shirt you saw me in my previous before pictures (in several different colors). So, if I saw something on sale, I bought it in a smaller size and stuck it in my closet for ...whenever. I know its crazy, but I've just learned to embrace my crazy.

It was to one of these closets that I went to find something I could wear for the pics. I also thought that it might be nice to actually see what I have in there and pull a few pieces out so that I can actually SEE them on a daily basis. Anyway, I put on this top, look in the mirror and the first thing that popped into my head was that line from Steel Magnolias. The next one was that it looked like I'd dumped a head of lettuce on my head..I'm just not sure about those ruffles what do you guys think? I'm hoping that as I slim down, it will hang the way it's supposed to and look better. With two others in the closet, it better!

So there you have it, new "before" pics and a confession about my penchant for buying clothes much to small for me when they go on clearance.

Oh! I also wanted to say that while I'm on this competition I won't be able to post my weight loss or gain for the week so I'll just be posting whether I lost or gained. Once the contest is over (which is set for June I think or whenever one of us gets to 30lbs lost)I will let you know where I stand weight-wise. Let's hope I'm the first to 30! That would get me very close to passing under the 400-pounder bar. Good luck to everyone else in the contest!





Anonymous said...

Kick some ass!

wildfluffysheep said...

Kudos on the new photos. I always wanted to buy incentive clothes but never had the money! I do have a lot of clothes that I can no longer fit in that I kept. I only wear like 6 different things currently.

I am doing that challenge too. So all the best :D

Carlos said...

kick ass honesty! I love it!

A Very Fairy Princess said...
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Super Squared said...

That's what i love about your blog too :D The funny thing is, the shirt actually looks better on me in the pics than it did in real life. When I walked down to have my ex take the pics, both he and my son stopped dead in their tracks and said "is that what you're wearing?" too funny

Ria said...

Nice photos - great smile! Sounds like a good idea to have some of the incentive clothing out where you can see it.

Good luck in the contest!

Jong said...

important thing to remember, as long as you believe in your self, I think you can make it!

Good Luck!