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Thursday, March 19, 2009

More Good news and more bad news...brace yourself.

Remember I mentioned that I had put in a call to the gym at my local bariatric center yesterday?(isn't it sad that we live in a day and age where someone can say they have a local bariatric center?) I have been talking off and on with a trainer there named Darin. We've never met face to face, but he seems like a really great guy. I called him for the first time back in December. This was right around the time I injured my knee and for the first time in my life, could understand how close I was to never getting out of my bed again. I was pretty terrified and I'm sure he could hear it in my voice. He worked with me then to come up with a really great deal on a 7 month membership, but at the time, I just had NO money to join. I spoke with him a few more times into January and then he went on paternity leave.

You guys know the rest of the story since I've been blogging since then. I've thrown around a few other ideas, but as you know...none really worked out. With my most recent treadmill disappointment (Jessie, I'm sorry our burgeoning love affair was so day my love, one day) helped me realize that while I can get some strength training done at home, it's going to be next to impossible to get any real cardio in which means it's going to make losing weight that much more difficult...thus the plight of the super obese; you eventually get to a point where your size impacts your ability to really start dropping the weight. So, I put a call into my friend Darin yesterday.

I hadn't heard back from him so I called him on my first break at work today and it was funny because the phone rang once and he answered with "Michelle!" I laughed and confirmed that yes, it was his friendly stalker Michelle, calling again for her trainer in shining lycra to save her from a life of immobility and depression. We made a little small talk about his new little one, whether he was getting any sleep, how much he was loving fatherhood, etc. Since I had left a message, he knew that I was calling again to see what we could do to get me in the pool at a price I could afford. He knows that at this point, all I can really use is the pool although they do have a full gym chock full of supersized treadmills, ellipticals, hand bikes, etc; it really is a cool little gym. They even have these elevated table like things where we can stretch without having to haul ourselves up and down off the floor...pretty cool.

So, Darin tells me that since I'll just be using the pool, he will allow me to pay the minimum fee which is like $22.00 a month. Is he a sweetheart or what? So for the next couple of months, I will be able to work out during the week in the pool and while it will allow me to get in some cardio, I know it is also really going to help me get my strength back up so a big YAY to that right? That would be my good news. I plan on starting tomorrow, getting up at 5am so that I can get there at 530, work out, get a shower and get home in time to start work at 7am. Can I do it? Yes I can!!! I'll just pretend Jessie is waiting there to join me in the "hot tub." I have a really good imagination ;)

My bad news is that I have to stuff my flabby gargantuan bum into a skin tight swimsuit. I mean really guys, at this weight....I might as well just go skinny dipping for all the rolls and ripples you can see in this suit. The good news is that I won't be taking pictures to share with you guys. I know MOST of you will not be disappointed at this, but considering the number of people who are finding my blog searching for "450 lb bed bound women in fishnets" (ewwwwwww!!!), there will be some out there for whom the disappointment will be deeply felt. To those of you who are disappointed...just keep googlin' along, nothing to see here.

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Laryssa said...

You are too cute!! Now, so you can feel better with the swimming exercising, can't you find one of those suits that look like a t-shirt and shorts but is really a bathing suit? Like a tankini type? has some nice ones.

TJ said...

You Rock! The pool will be a great form of exercise for you! I love swimming...I should look into a local place too.
Great job on getting your old trainer on the phone, even if it meant stalking him a little. Hehe!

Jessie will be a little jealous of your new trainer but he will be waiting for you when your ready to JUMP on him. lol

Diana said...

Hi Michelle,
I just started reading your blog a couple of days ago and I really enjoy it. I love the pictures that go along with your some of your blog posts, like a pig on a treadmill or a pig in a swimming pool. I guess I'm a sucker for self-deprecating humor. :) Anyway, I hope all goes well with the pool tomorrow!

Kate said...

I'm so excited for you! You're going to notice a change in fitness level so quickly I bet!

Aunt Kathy said...

I think we should talk sometime. I joined my local Y last summer for water therapy, aka swimming, because at my weight it was the only safe exercise I could do. By November I was able to swim 1 1/2 miles without stopping to rest and well I lost a considerable amount of blubber.

Pam said...

Visiting from SITS! You go girl! I hope your first day swimming goes well. You've got a lot of determination. Good for you.

A Daunting Tale of Scale Warfare said...

Yay, I'm so glad that you are going to get to use the pool for excercise!

Dont think about how you look in the swim suit, think about how great what you are doing is for your health. Plus, you mentioned that you are doing this at the bariatric center, which leads me to believe that most of the people that will be using the pool have been in your position before. One of the biggest things that I realized since going to the gym, is that no one else is paying attention to me or what I am doing. At first I was embarassed to be the fat chick in the gym, once I looked around I noticed that there were others AND that no one really cared what anyone else looked like, they were just there to work out.

You are going to do awesome, and I cant wait to hear how your first swim visit went!

Crystal said...

Hey! I just found your blog. Love the little pig picture. Congrats on the low gym price. That's pretty awesome. Love the women in fishnets part. Made me laugh.

wildfluffysheep said...

Kudos on the action! LOL you do make me smile. Hope you enjoy your pool sessions :D

Carlos said...

great news! glad you found a place to work with you on the fees. why is getting fit sooo expensive. gyms should have a dollar menu too!

Ria said...

I'm so happy for you that you've found a joint-safe form of exercise! Hope your first swim yesterday went well.

My Big Fat Super Super Obese Blog said...

Diana, I'm glad you can appreciate the humor; I've always had the most fun making fun of myself. Guess I learned to do it before anyone else could but now its almost this crazy way of loving myself in SPITE of what I might look like ;)